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90 Day Fiance: Liz Woods Is Worried About Her Married Life With Big Ed

Big Ed and Liz Woods from 90 Day Fiance really had a controversial storyline with unlimited drama and conflicts. Fans felt that they should part ways for all the good reasons. But it seems that this couple was determined to make their relationship work and has even walked down the aisle.

But now it seems that Liz is perhaps having second thoughts regarding her married life and the future of it. Recently, she confessed to being worried about her happily ever after with Big Ed! Is Woods now skeptical about her love for the latter? What is she up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Liz Confesses Being Skeptical About Her Future Married Life

Lately, there have been several reports claiming that 90 Day Fiance star Big Ed and Liz Woods have already walked down the aisle. Their wedding card surfaced on the internet, and fans were in disbelief. They believed that perhaps the couple had haphazardly exchanged vows with each other.

But now it seems that Liz Woods is getting skeptical about her decision. Lately, Ed and Liz have tried their best to mend fences on The Last Resort and are now close to their commitment ceremony as well. During a recent clip, Woods was all dolled up in a stunning white dress as Ed was also getting ready for the noted event.

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Liz seemed to be really happy, but it was evident that now she was having double thoughts. She admitted being really “nervous” about her “recommitment” ceremony. The 90 Day Fiance celeb confessed that she was “struggling” with her thoughts.

As per Liz, she would either have to believe that her issues with Ed would get resolved or else the latter would never change in his life. Hence, that is why she was really confused and was struggling to draw a conclusion. So, it would surely be interesting to know how Woods would gather courage and recommit to her toxic relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Feel That Big Ed Would Never Change In His Life!

90 Day Fiance star Liz Woods’s anxiety and stress are natural and justified. Her relationship has been really chaotic, with 11 breakups in a row. Apparently, fans have watched Big Ed playing with his fiance’s self-respect on national television. He even disowned Liz on the show and kicked her out of his house.

After watching Ed for years, fans are now convinced that he would never change in his life. Several users took to the comment section and warned Liz regarding the same. A user wrote, “Honey, he’s never gonna change.” Another one wondered how “sad” and “old” she had started to look after she met Ed.


Someone even explained that Liz has now started to love “misery” and TLC’s payment. So she wouldn’t leave Ed ever in her life. On the other hand, Woods confessed that her relationship with her partner has got really better now. The celeb admitted that the therapy sessions helped her a lot.

So fans believe that Ed and Liz should live together only if they are ready to adjust to each other and leave their toxicity behind.

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