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90 Day Fiance: Kalani Goes Missing, Asuelu Panic As He’s Unable To Find Her! [New Episode]

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata is trying her best to stay strong during The Last Resort show. She is already dealing with her husband’s infidelity while experts are helping her in moving on. Each day, the celeb is making surprising revelations that are changing the dynamics of the show completely.

But now it seems that Kalani also has had enough. Recently, viewers were shocked to know that she had gone missing while the entire cast and crew were searching for her! Where is Kalani? Did she run away? Will she return?

90 Day Fiance: Where Is Kalani Faagata? Why Did She Go Missing In Episode 9?

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has been spilling the tea regarding all the castmates these days. One of them is Kalani and Asuelu, who are dealing with their demons amid chaotic situations. Recently, Episode 8 aired that featured the former talking about the latter’s cheating scandals.

Kalani revealed how she has been trying her best to conceal them. However, it seems that things are going to get more intense during the upcoming episode of the show, which will air this week. As per the reports, this segment will feature Kalani’s absence.

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Episode 9 is about to air, and it has already started to make it to the headlines. As per the reports, Kalani would end up going missing in the upcoming segment of the show. It would feature how Asuelu Pulaa panics because he couldn’t find his wife.

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The entire cast is wondering where Faagata is and if she is seriously missing or not. However, soon, they would get clarity when the ultimate truth behind Kalani’s absence would be revealed in the episode named “Where Did You Go Last Night.”

Now fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming segment and are predicting all the possible reasons behind the celeb’s absence. Viewers can watch The Last Resort on TLC and live-streaming platforms like Fubo TV, YouTube, etc.

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Goes Missing Because She Was Disgusted By Herself?

Lately, 90 Day Fiance viewers have been predicting why Kalani went missing. One of the predictions is that she was “disgusted” with herself and perhaps didn’t want to face anything. In a recent episode, the celeb talked about how she ended up concealing Asuelu’s infidelity scandals for years.

Faagata revealed to the therapists that the latter had been cheating on her even before she was pregnant. However, by the time she figured the dynamics out, she had already conceived her first child and was bringing Asuelu to America. Hence, Kalani believed that she had to “suck it up and just hide it” from her family.


Kalani admitted with teary eyes that she wanted to “protect” Asuelu all these years just because she wanted him to have a great bond with her family. But the latter perhaps took it all for granted. The celeb revealed, “It was like girl after girl after girl, and I was just crushed.”

She talked about how Asuelu used to purchase “naked” pictures of random women. Hence, after protecting him for years, Kalani now seemed to be regretting her decision!

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