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90 Day Fiance: Jenny & Sumit Slam THIS New Cast Member For Being Full Of Himself! Who Is He?

90 Day Fiance stars Jenny and Sumit have always been everyone’s favorite. They are a wholesome and sweet couple whose genuineness is evident. Yet, there have been some cast members who have been testing their patience lately.

Recently, viewers were in shock when they saw Jenny and Sumit openly slamming another cast member for being full of himself. They called him and were evidently grossed out because of him! But who is he? What did he do to ignite Jenny and Sumit’s anger? Do we know him?

90 Day Fiance: Jenny & Sumit Called Out Another Cast Member! But Why?

Jenny and Sumit are currently a part of the Pillow Talk segment of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. They comfortably sit and share their opinions on every move of The Other Way couples these days. During a recent episode, viewers were in disbelief when they saw them losing their calm because of none other than Sarper Güven!

Sarper ended up testing the patience of Jenny and Sumit during the recent episode. Apparently, he is determined to have kids with Shekinah when he already has a 25-year-old son from one of his past hookups. The celeb is least bothered to know the whereabouts of his own existing child but is insisting on having another one.

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Sarper explained that Shekinah was on the verge of losing him because she wasn’t agreeing to his demands. Amid all this, he was really upset with the fact that the latter wasn’t crying! This made Jenny lose her calm. She instantly wondered, “How full of himself is he?!.”

Sumit also was in shock and pulled his hair. He exclaimed, “This is insane.” Jenny even yelled when she heard Sarper actually asking Shekinah about why she wasn’t crying at all. It was a bit shocking for the fanbase as they never saw Jenny and Sumit losing their nerves to this extent.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny Wonders If Sarper Is ‘For Real’ After Watching His ‘Disgusting’ Behavior

90 Day Fianc estar Sarper has been testing the patience of the entire Pillow Talk cast. He further crossed all the limits by claiming that it would take only “two days” for him to forget Shekinah. Sumit’s expressions made it clear that he was surprised to hear this. He wondered how a person could forget a relationship of 5 months in just two days.

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On the other hand, Jenny was already grossed out because of Sarper, and the latter was simply adding fuel to it. She was in disbelief when she asked, “What is he?.” She said, “Is he for real?.” Apparently, when Sarper reminded his partner of all the “wrong guys” she has gone for in her life, Jenny was quick to state, “Yeah, and you’re the wrongest.”

Soon, Sarper asked Shekinah to book her flight tickets as soon as possible, which was the last strand of everyone’s patience. Not only the stars but also the viewers didn’t like the way he was behaving. A user took to the comment section and wrote, “disgusting behavior.” Another one added, “He is one of the worst men I have seen on this show.”

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