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90 Day Fiance: Jasmine & Gino Filming For Happily Ever After? Spotted Shooting In Michigan!

Jasmine and Gino have made it to Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance even after having a long list of arguments and splits. They parted ways numerous times until the former landed in America. Fans were in shock when they got to know that this chaotic couple had again secured a spot in another edition of the franchise.

However, it seems that Jasmine and Gino’s storyline has a lot to offer, as they were recently spotted with the camera crew in Michigan again! This made the viewers wonder if they have now started to film for Happily Ever After. Is it so?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine & Gino Spotted Filming With The Camera Crew

90 Day Fiance fans never expected that Jasmine and Gino would be able to survive together. But to everyone’s surprise, they have been going strong, and things are perhaps falling into favor. Recently, Pineda even landed in America, which made it clear that the couple was really serious for each other.

But still, this couple isn’t even sure whether they want to walk down the aisle together or not. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they got to know that Jasmine and Gino were still filming for the show! Recently, a 90 Day Fiance fan page shared a snap of them from late September 2023.

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They were on the streets of Michigan, and the camera crew was with them. It was evident that Jasmine had completely lost her calm, and she was yelling at her partner. On the other hand, Gino sat there quietly, like always, and heard Jasmine ranting.

Apparently, this made the viewers wonder if Jasmine and Gino were actually filming for Happily Ever After. There is a fair chance that they have already documented content for Season 10, which is about to air, and now they are shooting for another spinoff.

90 Day Fiance: What Do Jasmine & Gino Have To Offer For Happily Ever After Spinoff?

Since Jasmine and Gino were spotted filming in Michigan, there have been several rumors that they would now appear on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. They have already been a part of the same spinoff twice. Hence, this made the viewers wonder what more the couple had to offer to them.

Apparently, for now, Jasmine and Gino aren’t even on the same page when it comes to exchanging vows. The former is skeptical about whether she wants to walk down the aisle and grow old in America or not. Moreover, they even have conflicts when it comes to what kind of wedding they want.

90 Day Fiance

Gino is in favor of a “local” celebration with his entire family. But Jasmine, on the other hand, wants a beach wedding, and that too, without any relatives. Hence, there is a fair chance that if this couple appears on Happily Ever After, their big day and the aftermath of it could make a potential storyline for the show.

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