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’90 Day Fiance’ Jasmine Gets Abusive Calling Gino ‘Fkn Idiot’

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda is getting abusive, calling her fiance Gino Palazzolo a ‘fkn idiot.’ This is not the first time she has flown off the handle when it comes to him. They have an extremely combative relationship which has made fans wonder why they are still together. So, what caused this latest outburst? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance Jasmine Gets Abusive Calling Gino ‘Fkn Idiot’

From the beginning of their relationship, Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo have been heated. She has been extremely demanding, he gives in but then gets mad when he feels she is using him. In a heated moment, Gino sent nude photos of his 90 Day Fiance love to his ex. That didn’t go down well. However, he proposed to Jasmine and all was right. Unfortunately, they struggled with intimacy and she was keeping secrets by hanging out with her ex, Dane. Now, she is finally in America but Gino’s living situation is not up to par.

Jasmine, Gino-90 Day Fiance-Instagram
Jasmine, Gino-90 Day Fiance-Instagram

According to an exclusive clip of 90 Day Fiance from ET, Jasmine flips out on Gino when she breaks out in a rash. She tries to say it was from his house being filthy. Jasmine adds maybe it was the dust but Gino counters that if it was dust, she would be sick every day. As he tries to search for the root of the problem, Jasmine is seen itching her legs, calling him a “fkn” idiot. He believes a dirty house is a hoarder’s home. That is not what his house is. Finally, Jasmine tells Gino she spoke to her Panamanian doctor and he confirmed it was dermatitis.

Dirty House

Jasmine Pineda is struggling to explain that the reason for her rash is not food or anything of the sort. It is the reaction to a dirty home. Of course, Gino Palazzolo holds true to the idea that Jasmine ate a whole bag of almonds. Therefore, that has to be the culprit. He then brings up the apartment she lived in which was crazy dirty and even had mice. Again, she calls him a “fkn idiot” and “disrespectful. All she wants is new linens and stuff for their bed. He says he will get her stuff but his side is fine.

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