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90 Day Fiance: Indian Star TJ’s Mom Schools Kimberly Over “Indecent” Clothing!

TJ and Kimberly are among the newest pairs in The Other Way Spinoff. However, they have become the most chaotic couple by now. They met each other online and decided to give it a shot despite the geographical barriers. 90 Day Fiance stars TJ, aka Tejaswi, hails from India, while his partner Kimberly is an Alabama native. However, the latter decided to move out from America to live with her partner in India. Initially, TJ’s parents approved of their relationship and decided to wed them off. However, Kimberly’s struggles began when reality sank in. Recently, she faced Tejaswi’s mom Alka’s wrath for dressing inappropriately.

90 Day Fiance: TJ’s Mom Calls Out Kimberly For Showing Disrespect To Elders!

Kimberly Rochelle has been struggling to make TJ’s family happy by trying to adapt their culture and traditions. However, it appears that her journey hasn’t been easy at all. The tension between the 90 Day Fiance star and Tejaswi’s family has been increasing day by day. Recently, the latter’s mom, Alka, scolded her future daughter-in-law for her dressing sense in front of her in-laws.


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According to ET, Alka wasn’t impressed with Kim’s choice as she came to sit with her partner’s family on Monday’s episode. In it, Alka was sorting some clothes for the wedding gifts with her son Yash and husband Sushil. Further, TJ and Kimberly entered the frame to join the family as she greeted his mom with a “Namaste.”

90 Day Fiance
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However, TJ’s mom was shocked to see Kim wearing ripped jeans with a long-sleeved pink top. She asked her son, “Doesn’t she know how to dress in front of others?” However, TJ defended his partner, saying, “It’s okay.” But his mom continued to mutter, “Should know some manners.” Meanwhile, her son pleaded for her to just sit for a moment silently. Further, Alka told the 90 Day Fiance cameras that women should wear decent clothes and what even was the point of wearing clothes if one can’t dress decently. Also, the reality TV star muttered that a daughter-in-law should show some respect, especially when TJ’s dad was sitting there. 

90 Day Fiance: Alka Fears That Kimberly’s Actions Will Land Them In Jail!

TJ and Kimberly’s journey hasn’t been easy at all. The recent feud between the 90 Day Fiance star has left a permanent stain on their relationship. TJ’s brother Yash was already against their bond. Then, Alka claimed that her future daughter-in-law should learn some manners, and it’s not going to benefit her to wear such clothes. Meanwhile, TJ interrupted her and said that it was not the first time she was wearing this. But his brother, Yash, started adding fuel to the fire. Finally, they began discussing the day when Kimberly snapped at Yash not to “touch her” while they were shopping for bangles.

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So, Alka claimed that her actions might land them in jail one day, and it should be TJ’s responsibility to teach Kim manners. But her partner requested all to give her time and yelled at his brother for talking nonstop on and on. Hence, Kim understood that they were talking about her and walked away. But Yash says, “Better to go,” to hurt her more. Do you think Kim will be able to live in TJ’s family with so many limitations? Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on TJ and Kimberly’s future on 90 Day Fiance.

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