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90 Day Fiance: How Does The Deaf Star ‘David Dangerfield’ Earn A Living? Net Worth Revealed!

90 Day Fiance star David Dangerfield entered the reality TV realm in Before the 90 Days Season 6 in June 2023. He debuted with his Filipino girlfriend, Sheila Mangubat, whom he met online through a Facebook group for deaf singles. They have been together for over two years and have since communicated via text messages.

During this time, David has immensely helped Sheila both emotionally and financially. His continuous support makes fans curious to know his net worth. Keep reading to know more!

90 Day Fiance: What Does David Dangerfield Do For Living?

David Dangerfield is the first ever deaf cast member introduced in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Despite his disability, he has continuously been working hard to afford a comfortable life for himself. Talking about his work, he does two jobs in Omaha, Nebraska.

Apparently, he works as a ‘stocker’ at a grocery store where he stocks the shelves. And he even worked as a cleaner at a casino. Sharing about his second job, David said, “I like to work there because it’s interesting seeing all the people having a good time until they lose money.”

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Now, the 90 Day Fiance star also earns money from filming for this popular TLC series. But, the exact amount of David’s paycheck is not revealed. Yet, it would not be wrong to guess that he makes somewhere between $500 to $1000 per episode. This is the estimated amount the show pays to its cast members.

In addition to the reality TV salary, David earlier revealed that he earns nearly $3200 per month from both his jobs. This is certainly a decent amount to plan a fulfilling life. Thus, it would be right to agree with numerous sources that shared that David Dangerfield’s net worth is slightly under $250K. This is certainly a sizeable amount to live a comfortable life in America.

90 Day Fiance: David Dangerfield Has Helped His Partner Sheila Mangubat!

Even before meeting Sheila in person for the first time, David sent over $3000 for her house repair. His friends and family seem to be worried by his decision to send the massive amount to her. But he soon clarified that she never asked for money during the first year of their relationship.

He added that she asked for money after losing her job due to COVID, followed by her house being affected by fire and typhoon one after the other. David and Sheila were filled with joy at their first meeting at the airport, but their happiness was followed by tragedy.

However, tragically, soon after they met, in the July 30 episode, Sheila shared that her mother fell from the stairs and passed away. The tragedy occurred when the steps were not nailed properly. Soon after the tragedy, Sheila admitted her desire to fix her house and asked for David’s help again.

90 Day Fiance

During the August 13 episode, he accepted that it would be expensive to fix her house and that he couldn’t pay for it entirely. During the confessional, Sheila accepted that it was difficult for her in the Philippines.

She also added that she only had David, who could help her financially. Will he agree to bear the complete expense of fixing her house again?

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