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90 Day Fiancé: Holly’s Wedding Is Almost Ruined by Eyelashes, and Shekinah’s Love Bubble Bursts

Kimberly and TJ's families came head to head on Monday night's episode of '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,' in what the American woman called a "temporary truce"

Wedding bells were ringing… and ringing… and ringing… on Monday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Often a bride is fashionably late to her wedding, but over an hour of standing at the altar left Wayne questioning if Holly was running for the hills. Other couples struggled with commitment, too, as Mary gave a shockingly awkward answer to Brandan’s proposal, and Kimberly and TJ’s families made a “temporary truce” as their own wedding loomed.

From babies, to bibles, and even a sexy strip tease, here’s what happened on this week’s episode.

Holly and Wayne

90 Day Fiance
Wayne and Holly said “I do” in front of family on 90 Day Fiané: The Other Way.TLC

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The morning of Holly’s wedding could not have been more chaotic as the bride-to-be slept through her eyelash appointment, and sobbed about the missing makeup. “I really had high expectations for this day,” she said through tears. “My eyelashes were the one thing that made me feel pretty, and for a wedding day, that’s how I wanted to feel.”

It wasn’t just the lashes (though they repeatedly came up as the kryptonite of the morning). Holly spent time reflecting on her past, failed marriages as Wayne made his way to the altar.

“I’m an emotional roller coaster because my first wedding, I knew in my heart 100 percent it wasn’t right. The second wedding, I also felt 100 percent that it wasn’t right. And was so nervous that I decided to drink. I was so drunk that I my dad was basically holding me up as he was walking me down the aisle. It was ridiculous,” Holly remembered.

“But this wedding is a lot different because I know that he’s the right person for me, but not one thing is going right.”

That didn’t ease her mind. Even as they approached the venue — over an hour later — Holly said she wasn’t “mentally ready” to marry Wayne. When asked if she was ready to walk down the aisle, Holly said “no” before taking her first step.

In all, she married Wayne in a late, but beautiful ceremony. Holly’s white dress was accented by black details everywhere — from the black rose petals on the ground and in her bouquet, to the dress code for their guests. As for what comes next, the couple will finally get to be intimate, and Holly is hoping Wayne is a “sex God” in the bedroom.

Shekinah and Sarper 

90 Day Fiance
Sarper put on an exotic dance routine for Shekinah — the first time he’s ever done so for just one woman.TLC

The newest 90 Day couple is all sex appeal, even at home. Sarper, who used to be an exotic dancer, put on a show for his girlfriend while dressed as a construction worker. He wanted to make sure she knew it was all just for her.

“This is the first time I’m seeing Sarper doing his strip tease routine, and it’s definitely interesting,” Shekinah said. “I can’t help but melt a little. He’s so cute, he does the most unexpected things. He’s just a quirky, unique person.”

The strip tease quickly turned into a makeout session when Sarper offered a confession. This was the only time he’d ever given a one-on-one show, and it was unique for Shekinah because of his arousal. “I didn’t have any erection,” he said of the past. “Now, you are feeling it. Just believe how I love you.”

Later, that heat turned to jealousy and anger when Shekinah visited the gym for one of Sarper’s training sessions. She stormed out of the women’s locker room when she learned his client was a woman — and when Sarper greeted her with air-kisses on both cheeks.

Hot-tempered Sarper questioned Shekinah’s anger after the session. “I am really angry when I saw her not in the gym. I found her in the dressing room eating candy looking at me with different eyes,” he told cameras. “I didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t catch me on a bed with another woman.”

After calling his girlfriend “bitchy,” he hurled Shekinah’s lollipop straight out of her hand and onto the floor. “I don’t know what to do because it really makes me uncomfortable,” Shekinah said after learning “90 percent” of Sarper’s clients are women.

Kimberly and TJ 

90 Day Fiance
Kimberly and TJ introduce their parents to smooth their personal conflict ahead of their wedding.TLC

It was wedding week for Kimberly and TJ, who nearly ended their whole relationship hours before. The pair reunited, along with their families, to join together in support of the nuptials. It also gave Kimberly’s parents a chance to chat about her future in their home, amid their never-ending disagreements with the American woman.

“It’s necessary that she shows love and respect to all,” TJ’s mother said, translated to English. She also expressed great joy in having Kimberly around and as a part of their family. However, she wanted to see her daughter-in-law live in “harmony” in the house and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Kimberly wasn’t sure any of the conversation was sincere. “I feel like this conversation is more like a temporary truce than a solution,” she told cameras.

Brandan and Mary 

90 Day Fiance
Brandan proposes to Mary in their roadside store on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.TLC

Mary wasn’t happy in her relationship with Brandan and didn’t know what to do about it on Monday’s episode. As the stress of their recently-discovered pregnancy caught up to Brandan, he was spending most of his time in bed, playing video games. This wasn’t thrilling for Mary, who was running their business alone while pregnant.

“I really wish he would help. Before he’s nice and doing dishes. Now, he change [sic] a lot but not for the better,” she said.

Brandan chose this day to propose to Mary, without any previous planning. He admitted his approach was  a little awkward, and he wasn’t sure what to say. Mary didn’t give an immediate “yes” because of the stressors on her mind.

“It’s very awkward and my mind is still stressing over the debt and he’s not helping me with the chores. I don’t know what to say it’s like, this is not the right time,” she told cameras.

However, Mary did accept in the end — though the ring that read “I am enough” was too big for her to actually wear. “I didn’t expect it right now because we’re stressing so much, but yes, I will marry you,” she said. “I love you, so I will marry you when we’re ready.”

To cameras, she shared her real feelings: “I just say yes because I need to and I don’t want him to be hurt or anything, so I just say yes.”

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