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90 Day Fiance: Gino’s Dirty Secret Out! Jasmine Was Right About Lip Gloss Discovery

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine was on the verge of leaving Gino as soon as she found a mysterious lip gloss in his car. She started crying hysterically and accused the latter of cheating on her. Fans were in shock when they saw her even wanting to go back to Panama just because of this.

Initially, viewers felt that Jasmine was surely overreacting. But they were in disbelief when Gino’s dirty little secret recently came out and proved that Pineda was actually right about the lip gloss discovery! What was Gino hiding from Jasmine? What is his secret all about?

90 Day Fiance: Was Jasmine Really Right About Gino Cheating On Her?

The new episode of 90 Day Fiance featured how Jasmine ended up discovering lipgloss in Gino’s car while they were heading back to their house after meeting the latter’s family. Pineda was already not in a good mood and soon ended up losing her calm when she found a lip gloss lying near the seat.

Jasmine was quick to conclude that Gino was seeing other women and was perhaps cheating on her as well. She cried and yelled her heart out while she accused the latter of endless things. Initially, the audience wondered why Pineda was actually making a big fuss about something minor. But it seems that she was right.

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Recently, Jasmine had a meetup with Gino’s sister Michelle, who made some shocking revelations. The latter insisted she should go on a girls’ outing as she felt that Pineda also needed a break in her life. Amid their conversation, Michelle ended up talking about Gino’s bachelor party that he had just a day before Jasmine arrived in America.

Michelle couldn’t believe it when she got to know that Jasmine wasn’t even aware of Gino’s bachelor party. When Pineda dug for more information, she got to know that the 90 Day Fiance star actually went out to a “strip club” to celebrate. This evidently made it lose her mind even more as she was simply waiting to get back home and “face” Gino!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Is Wondering If Gino Got “Touched” During His Secret Bachelor Party!

Jasmine is really possessive when it comes to Gino. She simply cannot imagine any other woman touching the latter. But as her fiance ended up going to a strip club, she wondered if he got touched there as well! The 90 Day Fiance celeb was quick to ask Michelle about the environment inside such clubs in America.

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Michelle, with utmost honesty, made it clear, “It was a bachelor party, I’m sure he got touched.” She seemed to be really sure that “touching” would have been a part of Gino’s party. Jasmine admitted that she was trying her best to maintain her calm in front of Michelle while all she was doing was waiting to get back home.

Jasmine felt that Gino had started to keep secrets from her. She further regretted not trusting her instincts because she was “right.” Hence, the celeb made it clear that her fiance was now in “big trouble.”

Pineda explained that initially, she was really being hard on herself and felt that she was too “jealous.” But now she knows the truth and is right about everything.

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