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90 Day Fiance: Ed Tells Jovi’s Secret To Yara — He’s Been Texting A Str!pper

90 Day Fiance stars Yara and Jovi have always butted heads when it comes to the latter’s obsession with strip clubs. Zaya has made it clear that she won’t be the one tolerating this at all. Yet, her husband isn’t ready to give up on his addiction. Hence, there have been several instances when this couple had arguments and clashes because of the same.

Recently, the same happened when Big Ed ended up revealing something really shocking about Jovi and strip clubs. Yara was in shock and couldn’t control her nerves. Hence, fans saw her throwing a drink on her husband’s face publicly! What led to this? What did Ed disclose?

90 Day Fiance: Yara Throws A Drink On Jovi’s Face After Big Ed Spilled His Secret

Yara Zaya isn’t ever able to control her anger when it comes to Jovi, and his addiction to strip clubs comes into the scene. She has even warned the latter that she would return to Ukraine with Mylah if this continues. Moreover, the 90 Day Fiance celeb even ended up slapping Dufren for taking her to such a club.

But it seems that Jovi still doesn’t understand the seriousness of Yara’s warnings. Recently, Big Ed asked the latter to ask her husband whom he was “texting” last night. In an exclusive clip by ET, He further revealed that it was a “stripper” from Jamaica he “traveled” with and had “feelings” for as well.

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Ed from 90 Day Fiance disclosed that Jovi wanted that stripper to come with them and “have fun.” Yara ended up losing her calm and stated, “What is so bad about your f**king relationship that you need to always hang out with strippers?.” She further slammed Jovi, “You want to have fun with a stripper? F**k you.”

It was evident that Yara was really hurt because of Jovi. The latter first tried concealing the fact that he was going to a strip club. Then, he also texted a stripper from his past. This was way too much for Yara to deal and she ended up throwing her drink on Jovi’s face, which was an unexpected move for Dufren as well.

90 Day Fiance: Jovi Says He Simply Wanted To Show His Boys A Good Time

90 Day Fiance star Jovi Dufren was trying his best to defend himself. He explained that he simply wanted to show Asuelu a good time because he had been dealing with a lot of stuff in his relationship with Kalani. Moreover, the celeb claimed that the latter had never been to a strip club as well. So, Jovi simply wanted him to have fun.


Jovi further added that he only texted the stripper to know if she was working in Key West. It was evident that he wasn’t able to defend himself for a long time. The celeb simply stated that he doesn’t have answers to all of Yara’s questions. This statement was the fueling point for Zaya, who threw a drink at him.

This time, it seems that the majority is with Yara. Angela even agreed that she never saw this side of Jovi. She explained that this was surely “not funny” at all. The celeb then warned Dufren and asked him to watch out for himself now. So now viewers are eagerly waiting to know what side effect this incident would have on Yara and Jovi’s marriage.

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