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90 Day Fiance: Did Natalie Get DEPORTED After Failed Marriage With Mike?

Natalie Mordovtseva became a very popular household name for reality TV enthusiasts. She made her debut on 90 Day Fiance with Mike Youngquist, and their relationship was far from perfect. After numerous fights and failing to see eye to eye, they separated. Their marriage only lasted for a few months.

Because Natalie and Mike’s marriage was so short-lived, fans have been wondering what happened to her citizenship. The former had also cried her eyes out during the Tell All, once fearing deportation! So, where is Natalie? Is she back in Ukraine?

90 Day Fiance: Is Natalie Back In Ukraine Since Parting Ways With Mike?

From the very beginning, one thing Natalie was good at was creating controversies. She and Mike couldn’t see eye to eye, and it caused most of their problems in 90 Day Fiance. Viewers also used to get scared of her when she would react quite violently over the littlest of things. When things became unbearable, Natale decided to leave her husband by running away.

As per The Single Life’s seasons, Natalie found herself in Florida. She captured her dating spree on the show, signifying that she had moved on from Mike. So, fans really got curious about her green card status. The latter did mention rudely that he hadn’t filed in her paperwork, and she began crying in the Tell All, fearing deportation.

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Well, since then 90 Day FIance fanbase has really been curious about Natalie’s whereabouts. While she refrains from giving official updates regarding the same on her social media, there are hints about the same. It turns out Natalie is now a successful model in Los Angeles. She has bagged a lot of deals and continues to flaunt it on social media.

Fans must remember how Josh Weinstein was her boyfriend when she was on The Single Life. Apparently, he is a modeling agency owner. It is quite clear that Natalie’s love life helped her excel in her career trajectory. While she is still separated from Mike, they are not legally divorced. However, there is still no update from Natalie regarding her green card status.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Catch Natalie Being Fake! Lied About Her Relationship For More Screentime On The Show?

Ever since Natalie appeared on The Single Life with Josh Weinstein, fans didn’t find their relationship convincing. Then, an Instagram handle 90DayDaily ended up exposing the 90 Day Fiance star. They said that she was never in a relationship with Josh and it was all for the show! As per them, Weinstein is already in a serious relationship with a woman by the name of Callie Tagle.

In fact, the latter couple is so serious they even live together in Arizona. Callie was eventually okay with Natalie and Josh faking their relationship. But neither of the castmates has shed light on this news. Moreover, another controversial member, Josh Seiter, also exposed Natalie.

90 Day Fiance

Josh leaked chats with Natalie while saying she was looking for ways to join the Bachelor franchise. As per Seiter, she was even willing to fake yet another relationship with him for the clout. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as Natalie has now built a good life for herself with her numerous modeling gigs.

Are you happy with where Natalie is in terms of her career? Do you want to see her on the show again?

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