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90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Finally Quitting The Show After The Last Resort?

Big Ed is one of the main reasons why 90 Day Fiance got popular in the first place. That’s because his viral meme set the whole internet on fire, and many found out about the reality show because of him. Hence, he has been a consistent member of the franchise, appearing in various other spin-offs.

While he has had a very turbulent relationship with Liz Woods, they joined The Last Resort. The couple did so to work on their relationship and grow together finally. But it looks like they have finally decided it would be their last time appearing on TV through the franchise. Why is that?

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Ready To Quit? Appeared On The Last Resort For The Final Time

Noted 90 Day Fiance celebrity Big Ed made sure controversies always followed him. First, it was with his Filipino girlfriend, Rose Vega. Then, love came knocking on his door once again with Liz Woods. Earlier, they starred in the first two seasons of The Single Life and also got promoted to Happily Ever After since their engagement.

But over this time, Big Ed and Liz had broken up 11 times. At last, they finally got a wake-up call and began mending their relationship. Oftentimes, through social media posts and interviews, the couple has credited The Last Resort for fixing their relationship. They were surrounded by many therapists and indulged in activities that helped make their bond better.

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Moreover, there was news about Big Ed and Liz tying the knot on August 29 this year. They haven’t yet shared pictures of their wedding, and it was a low-key affair. Moreover, they also moved to Arkansas from San Diego.

So, it looks like the couple has been starting afresh. Because of this, a noted website, “90 Day Fiance News And Memes,” reported that it might be their last time starring in the show. Evidently, Big Ed and Liz have been living in harmony since doing the spin-off.

90 Day Fiance Fans will least likely watch them on the show if they don’t have drama to add to it. So, chances are that they quit filming for the franchise. But Big Ed has not yet confirmed anything of this sort, and neither has Liz.

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Proves On The Last Resort That He Has Changed!

Fans had already seen Big Ed’s arrogant and possessive nature with Liz on 90 Day Fiance. He also went as far as calling his partner a “lesbian” because of his own insecurities. But he and Liz faced their demons on The Last Resort. While the former was earlier guilty of cheating on the show, he decided to do better.

There were many instances on the show where Big Ed and Liz could have fought, but he took the high road. For instance, he decided to tell his future wife that all the boys had decided to go to a strip club without telling their partners. Liz decided to thank her man for his honesty and appreciated his truthful side.

There were many instances where professional therapists on the show lauded Big Ed for getting his affairs in order and becoming better for himself, as well as Liz. So, it looks like the newly improved Ed is not reality TV star material, as he is now completely focused on being in a peaceful relationship.

Do you like Big Ed and Liz after they improved themselves on 90 Day Fiance? Let us know in the comments. Until then,

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