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90 Day Fiance: Asuelu To Go Back To Samoa After Getting Deported From America?

It seems that 90 Day Fiance star Asuelu Pulaa would have to pay a huge price for cheating on Kalani Faagata. He initially came to America just because of the latter. But as per the current scenario, he has already parted ways with his wife and is enjoying his single life.

Amid all this, Asuelu ended up throwing a huge sign that hinted at his deportation. Will cheating on Kalani cost him his life in America? Will Pulaa now have to return to Samoa? Where is he currently living?

90 Day Fiance: Will Asuelu Have To Go Back To Samoa Now?

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata fell in love with Asuelu Pulaa during her trip to Somoa. She ended up getting pregnant and decided to bring the latter to America on a K-1 visa. The celeb got to know about his infidelity scandals but initially decided to zip her mouth.

Hence, even after all this, Asuelu has been living in America since 2018. But he is no longer with Kalani now, and the main reason why he came to the States doesn’t exist anymore. This made the viewers wonder if the celeb would now have to return to Samoa.

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Recently, a Reddit thread started with the question, “Asuelu deported?.” The OP stated that Asuelu was explaining how he got “deported” because his “papers” had “expired.” Several viewers agreed to the possibility of it. Someone wondered if Asuelu didn’t even apply for a “ten-year green card” before his conditional one expired.

Many fans even predicted that Kalani wouldn’t have filed for Asuelu’s green card on purpose, as she perhaps wanted him to return as soon as possible. But on the other hand, some fans pointed out that Pulaa also has a green card. They claimed that he has even flaunted it many times on social media. Then where is Asuelu these days? Is he still in America?

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa Is Still In America!

Asuelu Pulaa left 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort as soon as Kalani confirmed that she was willing to file for a divorce. He couldn’t control his tears and believed that leaving the resort was the best option for him. Since then, the celeb has been living alone in Las Vegas. Though he went to Samoa for a while, he soon returned and started posting pictures.

Just a few hours ago, Asuelu took to his Instagram account and shared a snap. In that, he was at a golf tournament playing the sport at Painted Desert Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pulaa seemed to be really happy in the carousel of pictures and even posed with some of his colleagues as well.

Several fans congratulated Asuelu for living the best of his life. Hence, for now, it is evident that he is in America and hasn’t been deported yet. Moreover, he also has his kids in the States. So, there is a fair chance that he would do everything under his control to stay closer to them.

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