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90 Day Fiance: Are Sumit & Jenny Still In India? [Relationship Update]

90 Day Fiance franchise is incomplete with Jenny and Sumit. They are one of the few successful couples in the show who are still sticking together as their relationship is going strong. Apparently, Slatten is an American native who uprooted her life for her beau and settled down in India.

But it has been a while since viewers are wondering if Jenny and Sumit are still in India or not. Did they shift to America? Or are they still living their happily-ever-after phase in India? What is the latest update?

90 Day Fiance: Where Are Sumit & Jenny Living These Days? Are They Still In India?

Sumit and Jenny grabbed the attention of 90 Day Fiance viewers because of their 30 years of age difference. It is evidently one of the biggest age gaps in the franchise. Hence, the majority of the fans were sure that they wouldn’t be able to last together.

But this noted couple has proved everyone wrong and is still living their happily ever after. Apparently, Sumit didn’t even leave Jenny’s side, even when his entire family ended up abandoning him. Amid all this, fans were skeptical about the latter’s intentions as they felt that she would soon flee with Sumit and take him to America.

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It seems that Jenny has adapted to her new life really well in India. She has adjusted to the dynamics and perhaps doesn’t have the desire to go back to America on a permanent basis. Lately, the 90 Day Fiance celeb has been living in India itself and has been enjoying her ‘desi’ life as well.

Jenny has even admitted that Sumit is the “beginning and end” of everything for her, while the latter recently wished her on her 66th birthday. The celeb doesn’t hesitate to celebrate all the Indian festivals while she hasn’t left her American culture as well. Most of Sumit’s family has also accepted Jenny as their daughter-in-law. They are often featured in spending time with each other and reuniting during festivities.

90 Day Fiance: Jenny & Sumit Wish Everyone On Thanksgiving

Jenny and Sumit are an example of a couple with a well-blended culture. Both of them have adapted to each other’s trends and are happily living together. Apparently, from celebrating Diwali to enjoying Thanksgiving, the 90 Day Fiance stars have come a long way now.

Recently, Sumit and Jenny posted a clip on Instagram in which they were wishing their fans on Thanksgiving. They thanked everyone for showing them support and loving them forever and always. The couple expressed their gratitude for having a massive fan base and for all the love that they have gotten over the years.

They wrote in the caption, “Happy Thanksgiving! “Thankful for our amazing fans, friends and family.” Jenny and Sumit continued, “We wouldn’t be where we are without your love and support.” They finally concluded, “Happy Thanksgiving from our team to you!.”

Fans were glad to watch Sumit and Jenny together as a happy couple and took to the comment section to gush over their togetherness. A user wrote, “Love how far you both have come.” Another one added, “Best 90 day couple.” Hence, it is evident that they are everyone’s favorite now.

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