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90 Day Fiance: Annie & David Are Going Down The IVF Road — Ask Fans For Help!

Annie and David Toborowsky are indeed one of the most loved 90 Day Fiance couples. They have beaten all odds and are standing strong as a couple, even years after they walked down the aisle. During their spin-off After The 90 Days, she has repeatedly expressed her desire to have her own kids.

The TLC duo has finally decided to enter into the next phase of their marriage. Annie Suwan recently landed on her social media account to ask for help from her followers. What does she need help with?

90 Day Fiance: Annie & David Toborowsky Are Planning To Have Kids Through IVF!

Annie and David Toborowsky are the center of their spin-off David & Annie: After the 90 Days. They tied the knot almost six years ago and have finally come on common grounds about their idea of expanding their family.

She recently landed on her social media to seek help from her followers as they are planning to conceive via IVF. The 90 Day Fiance couple took this decision after being unsuccessful for two continuous years.

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However, Annie teased a possible pregnancy in the spin-off after missing her periods. It was, unfortunately, a false alarm. Thus, they have decided to welcome a baby via IVF. She recently shared a picture of a sonogram on her Facebook page and tagged David in the post.

90 Day Fiance

The thirty-year-old mentioned in the caption that they were unsuccessful in finding a good IVF clinic in the last two years. Annie went on to ask her followers for suggestions for good IVF centers. She reiterated in the picture that her followers to message her or David with the suggestions.

Although she did not mention why they decided to go down the IVF road. But we are aware that David is already a dad of three and had a vasectomy years ago. He would thus have to undergo a reversed procedure in order to have more kids.

Meanwhile, the news about Annie’s PCOD was also brought up in their spin-off, but they seem to have overcome all these medical issues. As the couple is recently making efforts to view their journey from a new lens.

90 Day Fiance: Annie Is Practicing Motherhood With Her Newborn Nephew!

Despite numerous unsuccessful attempts, Annie Suwan continues to stay positive. She took to her Instagram account in September to share a click getting sufficient practice with her nephew. The 90 Day Fiance alum mentioned feeling “scared” while holding him.

As Annie tries holding and looking after her nephew, David is heard instructing his wife on how to hold the newborn properly. She innocently admitted in the caption, “I don’t know how to hold him the right way yet lol ?.”

Though she might take her fair share of time to be comfortable around a little munchkin, she is certain to become an amazing mom. Do you also agree that Annie and David will be amazing parents? Mention in the comment section below.

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