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90 Day Fiance: Angela Undergoes Another Major Surgery!

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is already 57 years old, and her signs of aging are evident. Hence, she is doing anything and everything under her control to conceal them. The celeb has already gone under the knife several times and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Recently, Angela took to her social media and showed off the results of her latest major surgery. What is she up to now? Will she ever stop? What did Deem decide to alter this time?

90 Day Fiance: What Is Angela’s Latest Surgery All About?

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem shares a long history with Jennifer Anne Di Landro. The latter is a famous celeb injector and helped the former undergo several surgeries as well. Though they had issues in the past few months and even had a physical altercation, now it seems that they have reconciled again.

Recently, the official page of Dolce Aesthetics New York took to Instagram and posted a clip in which Angela was back on her clinic’s chair. It revealed in the caption that the latter was there for “Botox and Contouring” treatment. The clip featured Jeniffer injecting all over Angela’s face.

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Angela got her face injected with areas near her lips, forehead, and cheeks. It was evident from her facial expressions that she was in pain. Yet Deem seemed to be determined to get the injections and sat there numb while she tried her best to endure the pain.

Fans were in shock as Angela was again going under the knife to alter her looks. They feel that she is perhaps wasting her money as whatever she does, she can’t conceal her signs of aging completely. Amid all this, Deem even took to the comment section and thanked her bestie. The celeb wrote, “It took me 3 years to be calm and that’s because of you Dr Jean.”

90 Day Fiance: Angela Looks Like A Completely Different Person After A Long List Of Surgeries

It’s not the first time that 90 Day Fiance fans have witnessed Angela Deem altering her looks. She has done everything under the sun to achieve her dream look. The celeb has a long list of surgeries and has ended up looking like a completely different person now.

Angela initially decided to go for a weight loss surgery and changed her body frame completely. She now has well-defined curves and a thin frame. Deem even chose to alter her mouth as well. Angela wanted a picture-perfect smile and opted for a total teeth makeover.

90 day fiance

Angela also got a boob job and often flaunts the results of it whenever she gets a chance. Amid all this, botox treatment has been a common and constant thing. Every now and then, the celeb is spotted on the injector chain while she is altering her facial expressions.

So, it is evident that Angela Deem has changed a lot since the time she debuted. She has now completely changed her body and is taking every measure to look younger and youthful.

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