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90 Day Fiance: Angela Is Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Programme Despite Being A Chainsmoker

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is one of the most dramatic and controversial members of the franchise. She often makes it to the headlines because of her anger and rage. However, lately, there have been numerous instances when the celeb received appreciation for various things as well.

But recently, Deem ended up igniting viewers’ anger by supporting a noble cause. Many users called her out for advertising a program based on Breast cancer awareness. But why did Angela receive backlash even after supporting a great cause? What is Angela up to these days?

90 Day Fiance: Viewers Call Out Angela For Advertising Breast Cancer Awareness Program!

Angela Deem has ignited viewers’ anger uncountable times. Her chaotic personality and violent nature have been the main reason why she ended up receiving backlash most of the time. However, now it seems that the 90 Day Fiance celeb was trying to show her best side.

Recently, Angela revealed that she was supporting a breast cancer awareness program and advertised the event on her social media. It was a collaborative “fundraiser” event with Molly Hopkin’s lingerie venture named LiviRae. Hence, these besties decided to raise money for the noble cause that will benefit I Will Survive Inc.

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The post revealed that the noted event would have “art, food, fashion, entertainment” accompanied by a chance to $500 lingerie wardrobe for the guest. This program would be taking place in  Atlanta, Georgia, and Angela Deem would be giving a cameo appearance in it.

However, it seems that 90 Day Fiance viewers weren’t glad to know that she was a part of the event. A user wrote, “No thank to seeing Angela.” Another one added, “Hard pass. Someone further stated, “NOPE NO THANKS ANGELA REALLY???.”

Several viewers believed that Angela wasn’t the best choice because of her dramatic history. Apparently, she has been a part of many physical altercations in the past and has abused a lot of people as well. Hence, fans felt that Deem wasn’t the perfect fit for the occasion!

90 Day Fiance: Fans Slam Molly Hopkins! Says That She Should Be ‘Ashamed,’ Why?

Some fans were really proud of 90 Day Fiance stars Molly and Angela for organizing this event. This is because it would provide economic support for health and wellness services related to breast cancer accompanied by prevention education as well.

But it seems that viewers still aren’t convinced with the stars. Though Deem has been having a controversial persona for a while now, Molly used to be a fan-favorite star. But her Last Resort appearance has ended up ruining a lot of her hard-earned respect and aura.

90 day fiance

Apparently, the audience didn’t like the way Molly treated Kelly Brown on the show. There were numerous times when the latter ended up in tears, which shattered the hearts of his fans. Some viewers even accused her of emasculating her husband throughout the show and demeaning him on national television.

Hence, many fans slammed her for being a part of a noble cause after she had already ruined a life! A user literally slammed her in the comments, “MOLLY YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.”

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