‘7 Little Johnstons’ Jonah Johnston Has Big Life Update

7 Little Johnstons star Jonah Johnston was the first child born to Trent and Amber. He struggled on occasion, but the young man seems to be doing okay these days. Remember, he went back home after a bad experience with Delta 8. This weekend, his mom shared a big life update for her son. Read on to find out more.

TLC Star Jonah Johnston Seemed Unpromising

A few years ago, 7 Little Johnstons fans were shocked to hear that Trent wanted his eldest son to move out of the house. You might remember that he brought his girlfriend Ashley home and behaved badly. Lazy, he didn’t pull his weight with the chores. The same season revealed that he struggled at college again. So, he was told to find his own place and grow up. Going on 21, Trent felt he should realize the value of hard work.

Jonah Johnston didn’t leave immediately, but his sister, Elizabeth “Liz” did. These days, she’s the mom of Brice Bolden’s baby who made Jonah an uncle for the first time. Having a baby around might be good for him because it might help him learn some nurturing ways. After all, he always seemed more focused on himself than on the rest of the family. At least, that was until recently. Since his Delta experience, he seems to be a nicer person.


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7 Little Johnstons Star Celebrates A Special Day

TLC fans who follow the family’s Instagram account that Amber runs saw a couple of photos of Jonah this weekend. One of them was a throwback to his baby days. In the other picture, he wore a navy blue suit with a collared shirt and a tie. Neat and presentable, he looked way better than in some older photos.

7 Little Johnstons - Jonah Johnston A 24 And As A Baby - Team7ljs - Instagram
7 Little Johnstons – Jonah Johnston A 24 And As A Baby – Team7ljs – Instagram

Perhaps her son was going off to work. In her caption, the 7 Little Johnstons star said:

?Happy 24th Birthday to our oldest?

Jonah Johnston got a lot of TLC fans sending him congratulations.

  • Happy Birthday! May this new year of life bring you lots of joy, success and achievements. Enjoy every moment and celebrate with those who make your life special. ? ?
  • Happy Birthday ? ? So proud of you and your accomplishments! May your day be as awesome ? as you are!!!!??
  • Congratulations, may your day be as beautiful ? as you?????????????.

What do you think of the nice photo of Jonah Johnston on his 24th birthday? Do you agree that he looks to be in a better place with his mental health? Time seems to have flown, and it still feels a bit strange to think of him no longer struggling at college. Sound off in the comments section below,

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