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1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Is Wearing Late Husband Caleb’s Ashes In Her Necklace

000 Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton underwent a whirlwind of emotions after the passing of Caleb Willingham. She lost her husband within a few months of marriage. Fans of the TLC series witnessed Tammy’s marriage with Caleb in Season 4. The pair crossed paths with each other at the Rehab facility and fell in love instantly.

Whitney came out of the rehab after showing positive changes in her body. However, Caleb couldn’t join her after he failed to get rid of the unhealthy habits. Slowly, the couple became estranged after a few months of marriage.

Unfortunately, Caleb left the entire fanbase in shock after his sudden passing. Recently, Tammy shared the special thing she wears all the time to remember the departed soul.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Shows The World How Terribly She Misses Caleb!

Tammy Slaton has been struggling to move on since the passing of her husband. She has a very special bond with Caleb and has often shed tears publicly since his passing. Initially, fans feared that the 1000 Lb Sisters celeb would get back to her old habits after facing such tragedy.

But Tammy surprised everyone with her massive transformation after losing lots of weight. However, the TLC star still misses her husband a lot. Tammy has been sharing a lot of posts about her late husband these days. Recently, the 1000 Lb Sisters star uploaded a video on Tiktok to reveal something special about him.

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In it, she informed her audience about a precious thing she still wears to remember Caleb. Tammy pointed at the guitar-shaped locket she was wearing on her neck. The reality TV celeb stated that the pendant was made out of Caleb’s ashes, along with the ring on her finger.

1000 Lb Sisters
TLC: Tammy Wears Caleb’s Memories

She flaunted the two jewelry pieces in her hand in front of the TikTok video. Tammy stated, “My necklace is actually Caleb’s ashes.” Tammy went on to explain the reason for choosing the guitar-shaped pendant. The 1000 Lb Sisters celeb noted, “Me and my husband actually really enjoyed music of all kinds so a music note, I thought it would be fitting.”

Further, Tammy added that the ring she was wearing was made out of Caleb’s fingerprint with his ashes. Also, the ring contained Caleb’s name from the inside, and she could feel his fingerprint by wearing it.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Gets Anxious Whenever She Removes Her Necklace!

Tammy Slaton has been trying her best to move on from her husband’s passing. 1000 Lb Sisters Fans got emotional to find that she still kept Caleb’s ashes close to her in the form of a necklace. She uploaded another video on TIktok asking her fans about a strange feeling.

She expressed getting anxious whenever she isn’t wearing the necklace and finger ring. Tammy asked, “For those of you that have a necklace or a ring made out of ashes and you wear it, do you get separation anxiety.?”

1000 Lb Sisters

She went on to ask, “You panic and freak out a little bit because they’re not on? Further, she added that she couldn’t tolerate it for more than an hour.

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