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What Happened To Brandan DeNuccio & Mary Demasu-ay After 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 5?

  • Brandan and Mary have overcome relationship challenges and are happily married, showing love and acceptance for each other’s flaws.
  • Brandan has embraced fatherhood, sharing moments with his daughter and taking on household chores to support his family in the Philippines.
  • After a glow-up post-marriage, Brandan looks happier, healthier, and more content, distancing himself from reality TV and criticism.

Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay have come a long way after their stint in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The Oregon native and the Philippines woman met online a few years ago. They had both been through tough breakups before, so they decided to compensate for that by building an obsessive relationship with each other. Initially, Brandan and Mary always stayed connected on video calls. They spent every moment with each other, even at the doctor’s appointment or sleeping. However, things changed after Brandan moved to the Philippines. The move inspired him and Mary to trust each other more.

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Brandan Accepts Mary Despite All Her Flaws

Brandan Thinks Mary Brings Peace Into His Life

It seems Brandan isn’t the only one who accepts his wife. Mary has also begun trusting him more and no longer controls every aspect of his life. Most of Brandan’s social media posts are about Mary, their child, and their family. He rarely posts solo content, which suggests that he wants his wife to know that he isn’t looking for attention or trying to impress other ladies. Brandan also seems more down to earth after marriage. He confidently mentions Mary in his bio and states she’s his “peace and happiness.”

Brandan Has Become A Hands-On Dad

Besides becoming a good husband, Brandan has also embraced fatherhood. He enjoys sharing pictures and videos with his baby girl, Midnight, whom he loves very much. In May, he posted a clip where he took her to the local spot to get the vaccination. The video showed Brandan carrying her, getting her weighed, and assisting her as people at the clinic did their thing.

Brandan took his daughter for her vaccination early in the morning to avoid the crowd. His gesture proved that he had matured after becoming a father.

Brandan Does Physical Labour In The Philippines

Brandan Doesn’t Mind Working In Harsh Weather Conditions

Brandan has also become more hardworking after marriage. Some of his latest videos show him doing physical labor, doing what’s important to keep his family happy. Mary shared a clip in May that showed Brandan using an axe-like tool to cut bamboo. She said, “me, Brandan, Lola, and the boys are going to make a fence.” The video showed Brandan doing the hard work, like cleaning and cutting the bamboo. In the video, Mary admitted it was too hot in the Philippines. However, Brandan looked determined and didn’t let the temperature deter him from working.

The latest video showed that Brandan has come a long way. He’s not wasting his time and chooses to support his family with household chores.

Brandan Cooks For His Family

Mary Appreciates Brandan’s Culinary Skills

Brandan & Mary 90 Day Fiance, with Mary in a red top and Brandon in a blue shirt
Custom Image By César García

Brandan has also begun cooking for his family. In March, he posted a clip of himself making a potato dish. The video showed him cutting the potatoes like a chef and cooking them in a pot. He later added eggs into the mix, making it a delicious breakfast. The video concluded with Mary reviewing Brandan’s cooking. She said, “the moment of truth, let’s try Brandan’s food.” Mary enjoyed her husband’s creation and seemed satisfied. She gave it a thumbs up. Brandan also looked pleased that his wife liked his cooking skills.

Brandan & Mary Look Fit In Their Latest Pictures

Brandan and Mary faced too many challenges in their relationship. Their inability to trust each other impacted their mood and physical appearance. Fortunately, the last few months of a cozy marriage have fixed many of their issues. They aren’t just happy but look fit. Brandan and Mary have also distanced themselves from reality TV. They no longer mention 90 Day Fiancé in their bio or refer to their stint on the network. It seems like the two are much more content away from criticism from viewers.

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