TLC Fans Urge Adopted Johnston Kids To Escape Amber & Trent

7 Little Johnstons fans are fed up with Trent and Amber Johnston, so they urged the adopted kids, Anna, Alex, and Emma to move far away from them. In their opinion, Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her biological brother, Jonah Johnston are welcome to their parents.

Amber & Trent Johnston Only Have Two Biological Children

By now, most TLC fans who watch the show, know that Liz and Jonah Johnston are their only children who were not adopted. The other three, Anna, Emma, and Alex hailed from Russia, China, and South Korea respectively. Often accused of favoritism, some 7 Little Johnstons fans now believe that only Liz and Jonah Johnston matter to their parents. Or, they matter more than the others.

7 Little Johnstons Jonah
7 Little Johnstons Jonah Johnston – TLC

Mostly, TLC fans agree that Amber Johnston always had a downer on Anna, and favored Liz Johnston over her. In fact, the drama about moving into their own places represents just one major example of that. Remember, it was okay for Liz, but not okay for Anna, who is actually older than her sister. While some fans think Trent and his wife also favor Alex, she occasionally spoiled his day in the past. And, in the current season of 7 Little Johnstons, Emma got handed a job that disgusted fans.

TLC Fans Urge The Adopted Kids To Escape

In the last few episodes, TLC viewers saw footage that made them think the matriarch and her husband seem grossly unfair. On Reddit, an OP slammed them for it, saying:

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Wtf is this family…So the spray paint and Delta 8 fiascos are STILL relevant but, Liz gets pregnant out of wedlock and she gets to move back in and be bought another car?! I hope the rest of the kids move out of state far away from them. Trent & Amber can play house with Liz & Brice.

If you don’t recall, very early in the 7 Little Johnstons show, TLC fans found out that Trent and Amber Johnston were angry with Anna. Remember, she spray-painted her name on her old high school as a freshman. More recently, Jonah Johnston experimented with the drug, Delta 8, and he moved back home. In a recent episode, Emma was told to check his room was tidy and wake him up in the mornings. By the way, he is in his 20s and has a job.

TLC Fans React In The Comments

Not everyone agrees that the adopted kids should move away, but some of them feel that if it were them, they would. Here are some of their thoughts;

  • To be fair, Jonah was moved back in and he was provided a human alarm clock.
  • Amber, Trent, Liz, Jonah are horrible to watch. It’s all fabricated. The giant elephant is always in the room with this family.
  • It makes me livid how some adoptive parents with biological children [and] seem to use their adoptive children as placards for “look how virtuous and moral we are for taking in these poor children” while not treating these children with the same love and respect as their biological children.
  • If I were Anna I’d move [as] far away as possible from her parents
  • I hope Jonah moves to wherever Ashley is and gets as far away as possible ????

What are your thoughts about those fans who urged the adopted children to move far away from Trent and Amber Johnston? Did Liz Johnston and Jonah take an easy ride?

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