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Tim Malcolm Comes Clean About Sexuality After ‘Daddy’ Texts Revealed

90 Day Fiance star Tim Malcolm comes clean ahead of his return to the new season of 90 Day: The Single Life. Things previously went awkward between him and Armando after he was called for texting “daddy” to Kenny. But the 43-year-old has his own reason for doing such a thing. The TLC star also addressed his relationship status and the pact he made with his ex, Veronica. Keep reading to see what Tim has to say.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Malcolm Shares Pact With Veronica

Tim recently had an interview where he talked about his plans ahead of 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4. According to the 90 Day Fiance star, he still has a “pact” with Veronica amid their plans to look for a new partner. Things went south between the two after over three years together. They raised her daughter, Chloe, together. But he made it clear that he and his ex don’t have a lot in common, especially when it comes to the things they enjoy.

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However, he said that they still have a plan to get married at the age of 50 if they both fail to find a new partner. “So, that started back at 30, and then it moved to 40, now it’s 50,” he said. Though it seems he’s doubtful and uninterested in getting back with her now. He also said that he loves the passion of his fans wanting them to get back together. “But at the same time, it’s not gonna happen,” he added.

Tim Comes Clean After ‘Daddy’ Texts Issue

Tim was also interviewed regarding his “daddy” texts issue with Kenny. According to the 90 Day Fiance star, he wasn’t expecting that Armando would call him out on the said topic. However, he made it clear he had no malicious intentions in his texts and that he and Kenny are very good friends. He also added that calling someone “daddy” sounds “really bad” for many. But it seems it’s one of his ways to express his friendship to a person. He clarified that it was some kind of joke, and he used to call Kenny “gramps” because “his skin was perfect” and he always asked for his secrets.

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90 Day Fiance: Why Tim Malcolm Gets Questioned For His Sexuality

Tim has been questioned multiple times about his sexuality. One of the main reasons was how he behaved in front of the cameras, as some think he’s too “soft” and doesn’t talk manly enough. The 90 Day Fiance star’s fashion choices and postures also became a reason why fans began to doubt whether he’s straight.

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