This Little People, Big World Star Is Accused of Snubbing Amy Roloff On Mother’s Day

  • Tori Roloff is being accused of keeping Zach Roloff away from his mom on Mother’s Day, causing tension in the Roloff family.
  • Despite the family feud over selling the farmhouse, Zach’s relationship with his mom Amy Roloff remains close, even after moving to Washington.
  • The feud between Zach and his father Matt Roloff seems to be ongoing, impacting the dynamics within the family.

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff has been called out for allegedly snubbing his mother, Amy Roloff, on Mother’s Day. Zach and Tori Roloff decided to exit the reality show, making Little People, Big World season 25 their last. After tensions with his father, Matt Roloff, over selling the family farmhouse, Zach decided to pick up and move to Washington with his wife and kids. This move only made the rift between father and son larger and seemed to reach other family members.

Tori Roloff is being accused of keeping her husband, Zach, away from his mother Amy on Mother’s Day.

Tori was slammed on social media (via Monsters & Critics) for potentially being the cause of Zach not spending Mother’s Day with his mother Amy this year, and the comments on a recent Instagram post from Amy add fuel to the fire.

What Is Zach Roloff’s Relationship Like With His Parents?

Zach & Matt Roloff’s Feud Is Still Ongoing

Coming from a tight-knit family, Zach’s relationship with his parents appeared strong in Little People, Big World‘s earlier seasons. Even though Zach and his father sometimes clashed about how to run the farm, their disagreements didn’t go further than that. Their relationship seemed to thrive with Zach and Tori living close to Matt and fiancée Caryn Chandler, while his other siblings sought out different ventures. However, everything spilled over when it became clear to Zach that his father wasn’t selling the family farmhouse. This would ultimately lead to the feud between Matt and Zach.

Even with the divorce between Amy and Matt, the family has since moved forward with their lives. With many of his siblings already stepping away from Little People, Big World, Zach seemed to be sticking it out with his father and his own family, running the farm together. His relationship with his mom, Amy, doesn’t appear to be strained. Although his family has moved hours away to Washington, it seems as though Zach keeps in contact with Amy and vice versa.

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Fans of Little People, Big World have seen the Roloff kids grow up and start their own families. The family has faced many ups and downs on the reality show. Although their relationships have weathered the storms of some of these setbacks, the feud between Zach and Matt doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Hopefully, the two can come to an understanding soon, for the sake of the entire family.

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