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Matt Roloff’s NDA expired, and he’s candid about the future of Little People Big World. The Roloffs may have shared their last scene for good. Little People Big World fans are uncertain about the show’s future after 25 seasons. The Roloffs have shared so much, it seems every story about the family has been told. However, that’s far from the case. Matt Roloff recently spoke about the show more candidly than ever. The father of four admits he can be more open now that he’s not under an NDA with production for the first time in nearly two decades.

In a long reflection on the show shared to his verified Facebook page, Matt Roloff looked back at the history of the family’s time on TV, which began in 2003. The family first dealt with CBS before moving on to Discovery, which later became TLC. Matt explained that there were a few times during the show’s run where they thought they were done, and the network didn’t seem to give any indication as to what was up.

Way back in early August of 2010, 14 years ago, the Roloff family had a family meeting and afterwards contacted the TLC attorney and announced they were done. They had to come off a 40-plus episode year in 2009, and the filming process was a grind back then and disruptive to the kids’ schooling and discipline. They thought they had completed their mission of educating the world on what it’s like to be a little person in an average-sized world and of TV filming already. They wanted to go back to running the farm and their normal lives. So, they made it clear to TLC they were finished. They had completed the last of a 5-year contract auction, and it was time to move on.

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A few days later, on August 26th, 2010, TLC’s PR department put out a press release that said Little People Big World was cancelled and season 6 would be the last. The family got a bit of a chuckle out of that headline, but it was true enough to just go about their business. Funny thing is, the show never was cancelled. Wiki has that right. Many of the networks still remember the announcement as jumping the gun, so to speak.

Matt went on to explain that the network came back to them with different terms that the family was more comfortable with. As these situations arose over the years, the network always found some way to forge ahead because people were still very interested in the Roloff family. Addressing fan chatter that the season 25 finale felt like a series finale, Matt says you just never know what might happen in the future. Thanks for watching this video, please subscribe to our channel. Thank you.

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