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Paul rushed to a hospital in Brazil after being attacked by an angry ex-boyfriend

 Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, a former couple from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, are no longer together in 2024. Despite this, they have stayed in touch and are working together to try and regain custody of their children. In 2022, Child Protective Services took the kids from them and placed them with a distant relative who has refused to return them.

In recent years, whenever Paul appeared in the news, it was always for controversial reasons, such as joining the adult industry, dating a 17-year-old, or going missing for days in the Amazonian forest. However, this time, Paul performed a kind deed for a poor woman in Brazil, yet bad things still happened to him.

According to Paul’s recent Instagram stories, he lives in Brazil. He mentioned feeling sorry for a single mother who recently broke up with her abusive partner. Paul reassured his followers that he was not romantically involved with the woman; he wanted to help her by purchasing food and diapers for her babies. His sympathetic actions offended the woman’s abusive ex-partner, who decided to beat him up. Paul claimed he was severely injured and had to take an ambulance to the hospital.

Some 90-Day Fiancé fans on Reddit who saw Paul’s Instagram stories mocked him for trying to care for someone else’s kids instead of sending money to his own. Because of his past questionable actions, fans are having a hard time taking Paul and his problems seriously. Some even accused him of lying and claimed that Paul probably was romantically involved with the mystery woman, which is why her ex got jealous and attacked him.

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During the same week, Karine started another fundraiser campaign, asking 90-Day Fiancé fans for donations to help her pay lawyer fees to get her kids back. However, fans began to feel suspicious about how their donated money was being spent, as Paul and Karine had previously collected donations for the same cause without showing any results.

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