90 Day Fiance

One photo has three shades! The bachelor party video was leaked, making Jasmine doubt her second marriage.

One topless hug sent Jasmine spiraling as Gino defended his actions, saying, “If you’d stop saying hurtful things to me maybe it would be different”

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The ’90 Day Fiancé’ cast

It’s time for another 90 Day Fiancé tell all.

Sunday night’s episode took viewers inside the post-filming lives of their season 10 favorites. As the segment began, it seemed the cast was in good spirits — with virtually everyone still happily coupled, with the exception of the are-they-aren’t-they love of Nikki and Justin.

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One couple even announced they’re expecting their first child. Sam and Citra shared the happy news immediately upon giving their relationship update, and cast members applauded the next life step for the couple.

“As you know, I’m a horny freak as shown, and we’re actually expecting right now.” Sam said. At the time of filming, Citra was 12 weeks pregnant.

Host Shaun Robinson teased that further conversation would come about Sam’s pending legal troubles, and fans can expect future resolution on the looming issue.

For a moment, it seemed like peace in paradise. Jasmine admitted she’s finally fallen in love with Michigan, and the cold weather only makes her appreciate summer more. Ashley and Manuel were without fighting words, and Nick and Devin were back onscreen.

<p>TLC</p> Sam and Citra

Sam and Citra

One giant turn capsized the episode’s happy vibes, though — centered around Gino and Jasmine.

90 Day producers aired unseen footage from Gino’s raunchy bachelor party — which Jasmine had yet to see — that included some fully-nude strippers and Gino’s decision to hug and dance with (and under) them. Jasmine wasn’t in town at the time, and Gino never fessed up to the night’s tone — at least on camera.

As the video played, Jasmine’s once-happy attitude turned sour. The woman sobbed quietly about Gino’s betrayal, offering one of the first moments Jasmine was silent in the face of pain.

To make matters worse for Gino, Daisy — one of the dancers — stopped by the tell-all virtually to give details about his behavior. “He was very awkward. He seemed very uninterested in being there, just kind of wanted to hang with his family, have a good time in a good environment,” she said.

Gino validated that. “Yes, I wasn’t in the VIP room getting dances by girls,” he said when Jasmine cut her silence to interject.

“Those women were half naked,” she yelled. “And you were hugging her with her chest.”

<p>TLC</p> Gino and Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine

It ended with Jasmine questioning her marriage — and her decision to move to America at all. “I would have never gotten married to you if I had seen this before the wedding,” she said.

When Gino reiterated he did “nothing bad” Jasmine reitereated, “You were hugging them, Gino. You never look at me that way. You never make me feel desired. You never compliment me this way.”

He replied, “If you’d stop saying hurtful things to me maybe it would be different.”

The episode ended in chaos. with Jasmine storming off set and Nikki following her to offer comfort. “You play, Gino. You wanted this, you got it,” Jasmine concluded as her sobbing screams from backstage were the last thing viewers heard.

A teaser of next week’s episode then gave viewers insight that Gino’s ex “worked at a strip club” and has long been a point of contention in his relationship with Jasmine.

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