90 Day Fiance

Natalie began her fertility journey alone after breaking up with Josh

Natalie is ready to consider becoming a single mom, though her own mother swears she has until 55 to get pregnant

90 Day: The Single Life’s Natalie Mordovtseva isn’t letting a breakup hold her back from her goals.

On Monday night’s episode of the TLC series, the Ukranian woman visited a fertility clinic to evaluate her options when it comes to being a mother.

“I want to have a child but I wasn’t really lucky with my choices in life,” Natalie said, seemingly referring to her past three marriages. She told the doctor she’d be open to being a single mom, which he said is “not uncommon.”

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<p>TLC</p> Natalie speaks with the fertility doctor on 90 Day: The Single Life.

Natalie speaks with the fertility doctor on 90 Day: The Single Life.

At 38 years old, Natalie questioned “how much time” she had left to bear children, which the doctor said was a factor in her ability to get pregnant. However, Natalie’s mother disputed this fact. “Is he saying that now is the best time to think about the future?” she said, translated to English. “A woman can give birth up to 50 easily. Even 55. If you do sports your percentages will be higher.”

Natalie also confirmed she hasn’t been pregnant before, but not for lack of trying in her previous relationships. As for her requirement this time, she wants her choice from the top-tier sperm donors if she chooses to go the single mom route.

When the doctor scheduled Natalie for a consultation, Natalie expressed her gratitude. “You give me hope because I want a child,” she said.

Fans will remember from the previous episode that Natalie ended her relationship with Josh Weinstein because of his unwillingness to commit. She called him out for not inviting her to his house in the year and a half they’d been together, and for not introducing her to his family or kids.

Josh was honest that their futures didn’t seem to align and encouraged Natalie to seek another partner who she could start a family with. So, that’s exactly what Natalie’s next plan seems to be. What will come of her solo fertility journey has yet to be seen.

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