Matt Roloff Moves Son & Daughter-In-Law Into House On Property

In a surprising new twist, Matt Roloff’s son who wanted nothing to do with the TLC series or the farm is now the last man standing on the property. Per a recent Instagram Stories update, Matt’s son and daughter-in-law have officially moved into a house on the property. Did they specify what house they moved into exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Matt Roloff Moves Son & Daughter-In-Law Into House On Property

In a very excited Instagram Stories update, Matt Roloff’s daughter-in-law, Isabel, revealed they were officially moving into a house on Roloff Farms. The reveal came during a recent Q&A session she hosted on her Instagram Stories. During the Q&A session, one of her followers asked if she lived on Roloff Farms property or if her family just lived close by.

Matt Instagram
Photo Credit: @mattroloff Instagram

Check out the photo she shared and her answer below:

Isabel Roloff - Instagram Stories
Isabel Roloff – Instagram Stories

LPBW Fans Have Questions

One of the biggest questions fans have is simple: What house did they move into exactly?  If Matt Roloff was finished building his dream house with Caryn, fans speculated they could be referring to the old house. Other fans, however, pointed out that Matt was not even living in the old house while constructing his dream home. He was living in his double wide.

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Many fans chimed in to agree they had a hard time believing the TLC patriarch would willingly give his old home to anyone. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the Reddit thread about it:

  • “Update: she also posted a ‘getting Mateo’s room set up’ thing and I think it looks like the toy room Matt & Cha Cha set up in the double wide a few seasons ago. It definitely does not look like the big house to me.”
  • “Maybe that little Christmas cabin Matt built a few years ago?”
  • “The one kid that didn’t want anything to do with the farm or the show ends up living there. The two kids that wanted the farm and the show can’t stand to be around the farm or their Dad. Dysfunction at its finest.”

Isabel And Jacob Roloff In The Double-Wide?

It had previously been stated on Instagram that Isabel and Jacob Roloff would be moving into the double-wide after Matt’s dream home was finished. Likewise, the couple would not have had to wait till the construction was complete if they were moving into the old home. Overall, fans are in agreement it is highly unlikely that Isabel and Jacob are in the old home.

Isabel Roloff with Jacob, Matt, Caryn, and Mateo - Instagram
Isabel Roloff with Jacob, Matt, Caryn, and Mateo – Instagram

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