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Mary and Brandan are welcoming baby number 2

Mary and Brandan are welcoming baby number 2

Mary Demasu-ay from 90 day fiance the other way season 5, recently hinted that she and Brandan DeNuccio were expecting their second child. The 23 year old Filipina has been active on her Instagram since the new season of the show started, and she’s using the social media platform to connect with her fans, and also to make money online from selling custom cameos and handmade jewelries.

Mary is from Candoni, Philippines, where her grandparents raised her after she was abandoned by her parents. The young Filipina was also unfortunate in love, and when she was talking to the cameras, she revealed that her previous partner “cheated” on her several times. She then met her ideal man in an American called Brandan, whom she compared to Harry Potter and Justin Bieber. For two years before he relocated to the Philippines, Mary and Brandan communicated via video conversations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not so long after reuniting with her man, Mary discovered she was pregnant with their first child, which was unfortunate because the young couple were jobless and broke.

In the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5, Brandan uncomfortably proposed to a pregnant Mary. However, despite the fact that the episode was shot months ago, Mary is said to have already given birth to her first child with Brandan.
2 days ago, Mary posted a series of mirror selfies with Brandan caressing her baby belly. The fans may have imagined Mary was pregnant for the second time. In one of the photos, she was wearing a tight pink sporty dress with a pregnancy bump. Mary wrote as a caption for the post:” BLESSING”. “Is this baby # 2? congratulations!” one fan asked in the comments section while congratulating Mary. The Filipina appreciated the comment and put a like on it, which hinted at a possible second pregnancy.
Getting pregnant is usually a good news for most couples, however, for Mary and Brandan, having a second baby right now could be a burden since they are not financially stable yet, and their little store is not bringing enough money.
To think about it, the TLC checks that this young couple will be receiving from TLC each time a new episode airs will literally save them from poverty. This must be Brandan’s plan all along, to move the Philippines without having a job waiting for him there or savings, and then to live off the TLC checks, until he gets his second citizenship in the Philippines, so that he can work legally in the new country.

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