LPBW: Tori & Zach Reveal ANOTHER Career Change

Tori and Zach were the last ones after Matt and Amy’s other kids to leave Little People Big World. Apart from the exes and their different spouses, the former couple garnered a lot of love and appreciation on LPBW. Some would say they would only tune in to the show to watch their family with three adorable kids

Well, Tori and Zach gave everyone the sad news about their decision to quit reality TV after Season 25 of the show. But that doesn’t mean they have plans to steer away from the public eye. The cast members have made yet another massive shift in their careers, and their social media is proof of that. They might just be expanding to the world of YouTube!

LPBW: Tori Shares New YouTube Video! Starting Career As A Vlogger?

Tori and Zach stuck to being reality stars even after the latter’s siblings quit LPBW long ago. They ended up getting a lot of love and appreciation. In fact, fans began to consider them their own family. But the couple announced they were done with the series after Season 25 will come to an end. While many people were upset, they understood their need to move on after the farm feud in the previous seasons.

The former LPBW couple decided to reveal the news of quitting through their podcast. When Tori and Zach began starring in their last season, they also started their podcast, Raising Heights. The duo has been consistent with weekly episodes and even topped some charts with their debut. But it seems like they have more plans to expand their personal empire further.

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That’s because Tori Roloff took to her Instagram to share a link to a YouTube video. It was a vlog about her youngest baby boy, Josiah, getting his first-ever haircut. She had uploaded the video under the channel Zach and Tori Roloff, which already has 93k subscribers by now. Fans think the couple may be trying to make it big in the YouTube scene as Vloggers.

LPBW: Zach Hurt As Tori Took Josiah For A Haircut Without Him?

Tori’s YouTube vlog was all about taking her baby boy Josiah for his first-ever haircut. Earlier, the little munchkin had bright blonde locks in his hair. But Tori decided it was time he got them chopped. So, she decided to take him along with her daughter Lilah. But while all this was happening, the LPBW matriarch didn’t tell Zach about it and surprised him.

When baby Sisi was all prim and proper with a new cut, Zach was in shock. He sat on the floor after seeing his youngest baby. The star said how he had started to look like a young boy. He also mentioned how his wife didn’t tell him about the haircut. That’s when LPBW fans took offense. They said it was wrong of Tori to deprive her partner of such an important first moment.

Little People Big World LPBW

Many even said Zach looked a bit hurt after realizing Tori took Josiah for a haircut by herself and didn’t help him be a part of the experience. Tell us how you feel about the stars’ potential YouTube career in the comment section below

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