‘LPBW’ Jackson & Lilah Roloff Headed To ‘DWTS’?

Are LPBW (Little People, Big World) stars Jackson and Lilah Roloff heading to DWTS (Dancing With the Stars)? It looks like the brother and sister pair has plenty of awesome moves to show off. Scroll down to watch their latest video and see what fans have to say about their skills.

Thanks to social media and TLC’s LPBW, fans have had a chance to watch the Roloff kiddos grow up. Recently, Jackson’s and Lilah’s personalities have really been shining through. Viewers are loving watching who they are becoming. This week, they gave dancing a try, and it looks like they have developed some skills very early on.

Jackson and Lilah Roloff – LPBW – Instagram
Are Jackson & Lilah Roloff headed to DWTS with their awesome moves?

On Instagram late on Monday night, Tori Roloff shared a new video with fans. She performed a TikTok dance with her two oldest kids, Jackson, 6, and Lilah, 3. They really got into it, and they seemed thrilled to be able to show off their dance moves. In her caption, Tori said, “I mean their dance moves are unmatched.”

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At this point, it’s too soon to say whether Jackson and Lilah Roloff will end up on DWTS. But from an early age, they’re already showing off their talents. It’s possible the LPBW siblings will head to DWTS when they get older. Or maybe they will just continue dancing in their living room.

Not only did Lilah put on a show in her living room alongside her mom and brother, but she’s been taking dance classes. As we reported, she had her first recital recently, which was a big deal. Mama Tori was concerned about how it might go, but Lilah handled it like a pro.

LPBW fans applaud the kiddos’ performance.

No matter what Tori posts about her kids, fans are happy to see them. Of course, this adorable video of the mom dancing with her two oldest children caught her followers’ attention.

Here’s what some of her Instagram followers are saying:

“Lilah is so adorable! Jackson is doing a great job! They both are into the song!”
“Lilah understands the assignment ????She’s beyond adorable.”

Someone else added, “I think Jackson was ready to take over the show in the end.” In response, Tori explained to LPBW fans that Jackson said, “Mom I didn’t have enough room for my move!”

So, what do you think of Tori, Jackson, and Lilah Roloff’s awesome dance moves? Could you see the brother and sister pair on DWTS in a few years? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the LPBW stars.

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