LPBW: It’s So Heartbreaking To See Jackson’s Health Condition, Fans Are Sending Prayers!

Jackson Roloff has been one of the most loved LPBW stars. Little People Big World fans adore Tori and Zach’s eldest son for his sweet and courageous attitude. The audience has been showing so much love for the star kid’s bravery due to the condition of his leg.

Jackson had surgery at a very early stage of his life in 2021. He has inherited dwarfism from his dad, Zach Roloff. The little boy went under the knife to correct his bowing legs. However, fans haven’t spotted positive results from the surgery yet.

It’s been a while since fans have been showing concern for the little guy’s legs. Previously, Tori revealed that the surgery results would take some time to show and correct his bowing. Recently, the mom of three shared another update about her son, leaving fans more concerned.

LPBW: Tori Shares New Update Of Jackson’s Legs, Fans Shocked

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff has been the strongest pillar for her kids. She is the biggest cheerleader when it comes to celebrating their achievements. Jackson is the eldest son of the LPBW star. Fans love to keep an eye on every new milestone of the star kid.

However, there are times when their heart breaks when Tori posts a video or picture of him on social media. Fans have been showing so much concern for Jackson lately due to his legs. They felt that the little guy’s condition was worsening, and he looked uncomfortable while standing or walking.

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Recently, Tori shared a new update on her son after his huge accomplishment. She shared a picture and a video of her son as he stood in the center of a stage. The young one was singing along with the other kids in front of a huge crowd.


Tori took a moment to praise her son for showing his skills in front of the audience. She wrote, “ This guy stood up there and sang like a champ.” Further, she added, “It may not have been his favorite thing, but he rocked it.” The LPBW star was proud of her son for performing so well.

However, fans instead got distracted by Jackson’s leg. They noticed that the little boy was standing at the edge of his feet because of his bowed leg. They felt that his legs looked more bowed than before. However, Tori has already asked fans not to tell her what she should do with her children, tired of all the trolls attacking her parenting kills.

LPBW: Are Jackson’s Legs Getting Better Or Worse?

Tori and Zach had the worst nightmare of their life come true when Jackson went under the knife. The LPBW star was emotional after watching their little boy in pain. However, they hoped to see him recover well with time.

The doctor has made it clear that the couple will have to wait for years to see some improvement. Hence, fans have been hoping to see Jackson in a better condition in the future. Tori’s eldest son has been raising some concerns these days with his bowed legs.


Fans started noticing that his legs were getting more bowed than before. His recent post had him standing at the edge of his feet. Further, some fans also felt that the little boy was in pain, too.

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