‘LPBW’ Fans Call Out Audrey Roloff’s Blatant Disrespect For Amy

Fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) are calling out Audrey Roloff for her blatant disrespect for her mother-in-law, Amy.

What exactly did Jeremy’s wife do that has fans so upset? Was she disrespectful to Amy Roloff? Keep reading for the details.

Amy Roloff Fixes A Problem

In going to stores that require club memberships like Sam’s Club and Costco, Amy Roloff has realized their carts aren’t exactly little people friendly. She, however, hasn’t let that roadblock stop her from enjoying her shopping experience. Turns out, she found the perfect solution to the problem. She simply shops by pushing the cart backward.

Amy Roloff - YouTube
Amy Roloff – YouTube

Amy Roloff shared a photo of her cart as she pushed it backward through the store recently. She asked her followers if they could guess what store she was at. Then, she proceeded to explain she had to push the cart backward to see over it.

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Check out the photo Amy Roloff posted below:

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

As fans now know, Amy Roloff was shopping in bulk because she was preparing to have all her children and grandchildren over to her house. In a caption added to her photo, she did add the store was a bit overwhelming just before Christmas. She, however, was making the most of it.

Fans Call Out Audrey Roloff’s Blatant Disrespect For Amy

While fans appreciate the way Amy Roloff fixed the shopping problem they had, they also wanted to talk about Audrey. Sharing the photo Amy posted, fans pointed out that Amy resolves real problems while Audrey complains about petting ones.

Amy has to push her shopping cart backwards because she can’t see over it. But poor Audrey with those low countertops.

In a thread on Reddit, others chimed in on Audrey’s blatant lack of respect for Amy and others in the Little People community.

  • “It’s ALL about Auj [Audrey]. She suffers so”
  • “I think it’s pretty clear Audrey doesn’t really get what life is like for little people. But even worse, I’m not sure Jeremy gets it either. He seldom showed much empathy for the LP in his family, and often seemed annoyed by any challenges, or just tried to push through them as if they didn’t exist.”
  • “You can tell from her posts that she [Audrey] lacked attention as a child and STILL does. She is always in the ‘poor me’ moment.”

Not everyone wanted to rip Audrey Roloff. Many opted to praise Amy for resolving a problem while shopping. Some added that Amy should continue starting a product line to fix these problems for others in her community.

Audrey Roloff - YouTube
Audrey Roloff – YouTube

So, do you think Audrey Roloff was disrespectful to Amy Roloff with what she recently complained about? Or, do you think fans are just being hard on Audrey because they don’t like her? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep returning to TV Shows Ace for the latest TLC news and updates.

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