LPBW: Audrey Roloff Receives Backlash For Risking Her Unborn Baby’s Life!

Little People Big World fans have been following Audrey and Jeremy’s journey for a long time. Matt and Amy’s son Jeremy has been enjoying his online popularity since the start of the series. He introduced Audrey to the LPBW fans after he decided to walk down the aisle with her.

However, the TLC couple has a bitter-sweet relationship with viewers. Audrey and Jeremy have been waiting for the birth of their fourth child after welcoming the three kids, Bode, Ember, and Radley. People often called them out for their irresponsible parenting decisions.

The pair raise many eyebrows for risking their kids’ lives and showing off the stunts on social media. Recently, fans trashed Audrey Roloff for risking her younger son Radley and their future baby in a new picture.

LPBW: Fans Slammed Audrey For Dangerous Parenting Decision!

Audrey and Jeremy usually made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Little People Big World stars often create controversies with their dangerous parenting decisions. LPBW fans target the couple for using their kids to get clicks on social media.

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She has been receiving a lot of attention these days since her pregnancy news. She has been sharing her new updates ahead of welcoming the fourth child. The TLC star made fans angry recently for putting her youngest kid, Radley, and her unborn child’s life in danger.

Audrey shared multiple pictures of her Christmas celebration recently. She took to Instagram to share the wholesome moments of the family on the Roloff Farms. Fans were happy that Audrey and Jeremy were finally spending some time on the family farm.

However, Audrey’s picture with Radly received criticism and hate. The reality TV celeb posted a picture of her son while sitting on a tractor without a seat belt. Further, she was holding her son on her lap while posing in front of the Roloff Farms signboard.

Fans were quick to slam the celebrity for her irresponsible behavior. An angry follower took to Reddit to share the pictures of Audrey and called her out for being irresponsible.

One fan wrote, “Him on her lap and her pregnant belly as well. Just shows how she actually thinks that bad things won’t happen to her.” Meanwhile, the others noted, “This infuriated me. Filming, driving, and holding a baby on your lap.”

LPBW: Audrey Receives Hate For Boasting About An Illegal Stunt!

LPBW star Audrey Roloff is not new to controversies. She has been receiving fan hate for her weird parenting decisions and dangerous stunts. Recently, Audrey took to Instagram to share some pictures of fireworks on her story.

She expressed her happiness in being a part of the fun and adventurous community. The TLC star explained that she and her husband ended the night with a little fireworks show. However, fans freaked out looking at Audrey’s latest Instagram stories.


They called out the celebrity for shamelessly boasting about the illegal stunt on social media. Moreover, they called Audrey and Jeremy selfish for not thinking about the safety of others for their own fun and adventure.

Further, they called it “super dangerous” and hoped for kids’ well-being.

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