LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Bought More Land Even After Moving Into A Farm?

Audrey and Jeremy became popular as a couple during their time on Little People Big World. While they quit reality TV over six years, they continue to be prominent as influencers after LPBW. Not only did they release a bestselling book, but they also hosted a podcast together. They have become a brand of their own and often promote their products on social media.

Another major highlight of the couple’s life was purchasing a mansion worth $1.5 million in 2022. Audrey and Jeremy bought a fixer-upper on 4 acres of land. They have also posted about constant construction at their place. But fans were shocked when they realized Jeremy had been making posts from a new piece of land near their house. So, did the couple buy another plot in addition to their already-purchased house that came with 4 acres?

LPBW: Did Audrey & Jeremy Buy More Land Despite Living On A ‘4 Acre Farm’?

Audrey and Jeremy decided to step away from reality TV many years ago. Despite this, they have managed to build an empire of their own. They are associated with many big brands as influencers and also have their own podcast while releasing marriage journals and a bestselling book. The duo was also in the limelight for purchasing a house worth $1.5 million in Hillsboro, Oregon! They did so in 2022 and will continue to do repair work on it as it is a fixer-upper.

The ex-LPBW couple had faced the heat for spending over a million in terms of revamping the house. Fans considered it to be irresponsible and kept saying they should have bought a better house at such a whooping price. Well, the couple is facing backlash for something similar yet again. A Redditor made a post asking why Jeremy was working on the land next to the trestle near their home. They wondered if the couple had bought the land next to their Hillsboro mansion.

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Well, another commenter provided some clarity. They said that they heard from someone how Audrey’s parents bought the plot near their home. That’s because they also live close to their home, and it was the land in between both their homes. LPBW fans expressed amusement over this. They said how Jeremy didn’t buy his own land at Roloff Farms, and instead, Audrey’s parents bought the land near their new property and called it his “new playground.”

LPBW: Fans Laugh As Audrey & Jeremy Call Their 4 Acres Of Land A Farm!

Audrey and Jeremy initially envisioned their future living on Roloff Farms. They wanted to carry on the family legacy, and even Matt Roloff seemed on board to let his kids have parts of his 100-acre farmland after his retirement. But as time neared to do so, the LPBW patriarch had a falling out with both Jeremy and Zach, and they still share a strained relationship.

Jeremy began to use the term ‘death of a dream’ often and fans instantly knew he was doing so in reference to losing his chance to live on the farm. So, he and Audrey moved on and purchased a property 10 minutes away from Roloff Farms spread across 4 acres. They often refer to it as their “farm.” Fans laugh at this as they consider 4 acres to be quite less to consider a place a farm.

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Moreover, Audrey and Jeremy’s attempts to live a country-inspired life in a suburban area are also amusing to the viewers. While they often have a laugh over this, the couple has not clapped back at this kind of trolling so far.

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