Little People Big World LPBW: Tori Roloff Reveals Who Is Josiah’s Favorite Parent!

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff loves revealing some big family updates. Her adorable family has been grabbing attention for their wholesome updates. Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah have been entertaining the LPBW fans with their sweet and lovable nature.

Fans love to watch the three kids embarking on new journeys as they grow up. They are quite aware that Tori and Zach often compete with each other to be the kids’ favorites. Fans gush over the couple for being the proud parents of their children.

Josiah is the youngest kid of the TLC pair. Now Tori and Zach are trying hard to be the favorite of their youngest child. Recently, Tori revealed her son’s favorite parent.

LPBW: Josiah Roloff Chooses His Favorite Parent!

LPBW star Josiah Roloff is the newest addition to the family. Tori and Zach welcomed their youngest son almost two years ago. Fans have been following Josiah’s updates since he came to the world. He has just become a part of the Little People Big World series.

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But fans have made a strong connection with the little boy in a short time. Tori often shares new updates on her son’s crazy activities and new achievements. Recently, she opened up about her little one’s favorite parent. Fans of the series always felt that Tori has been very close to her kids.

So fans were thinking Tori might be talking about herself. The TLC star has already shared numerous pictures of her kids during the Christmas season. Fans were in love after watching Lilah singing her first Christmas carol.


Tori uploaded another picture of Jackson and Josiah separately with their dad, Zach Roloff. In it, Josiah was looking adorably at the dad of three. She wrote, “Another concert for our first grader!!”

Wel, several LPBW fans noticed the endearing moment when Josiah was looking at his dad lovingly. Later, Tori cropped the picture of Josiah and Zach to upload on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Tell me you’re a daddy’s boy without telling me you’re a daddy’s boy.” Well, it turns out that Tori has already accepted that she is not Josiah’s favorite.

LPBW: Tori Shares Lilah & Josiah’s Special Moment!

LPBW fans have been watching Lilah stepping into the elder sister’s role for the past few months. Previously, Tori recorded the little girl helping her younger brother enjoy a car ride. She drove through the fields while Josiah sat in the backseat.

She has been very proud of her daughter for taking up these responsibilities and being there for her younger brother. Recently, Tori shared another wholesome moment with Lilah and Josiah with her Instagram fans. She uploaded a few pictures of the siblings having fun with each other.


She uploaded a picture of Lilah helping her brother in eating fruit while he sat on the ground. Tori wrote, “Helping brother break into our bounty.” She also captured the cute moments of her kids enjoying their time outside during the fall season.

The duo looked adorable as they spent time with each other. Did you like Lilah and Josiah’s bonding?

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