Little People Big World LPBW: Fans Spot A ‘Horrific’ Detail In Audrey & Jeremy’s Kitchen!

Little People Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been spending huge amounts of money on reconstructing their massive property. The pair have been sharing multiple details about their home after remodeling several areas in the past few months. LPBW fans have been noticing the big changes at the couple’s Oregon home. Audrey and Jeremy have a habit of stirring controversies with their actions.

The TLC audience occasionally points out the awful choice of the pair. They are not very happy with Audrey and Jeremy’s expensive remodeling work. They kept mocking the pair for their poor interior designing skills and sense of choice in the past few months. But it turns out that the pair made a shocking addition to their home.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Slammed For Adding A ‘Horrific’ Detail To Their Kitchen!

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have been super busy restructuring their Oregon home. They have been spending a lot of money to get the ideal look for their home. However, the viewers keep sharing their feedback about the choices of the Little People Big World celebs. Audrey and Jeremy completely changed the interior of their Kitchen area.

They have added new countertops, an island, and flooring to their kitchen. However, the recent update on the pair’s restructuring work left the fans shocked. Audrey recently shared a picture of a new product that arrived in her kitchen. She wrote, “Range has arrived,” after uploading a picture of her new oven.

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However, fans had a mini heart attack as it looked more like a casket than an oven. Many of them started joking about the pair keeping a “casket” in their kitchen. Audrey’s new giant-sized oven grabbed a lot of attention from the Redditors. A fan started a thread and wrote, “Everyone thinks Audrey’s ten thousand dollar oven looks like a casket. I love this for her.”

The OP posted a screenshot of Audrey clearing the air about her new oven and sharing how many viewers asked her the same question. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything related to a casket or funeral. But the LPBW pair bought an oven worth $10k for their kitchen area. Moreover, it gave the fans another chance to roast the couple for their choice. One fan said, “Oh my goodness… I first looked at this and thought it was a casket!”

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Brace Up For Home Birth Ahead Of Moving To Their Home!

Audrey and Jeremy wanted to prepare their home before the arrival of their fourth baby. They chose birth centers to give birth to their older kids. But the former shocked her fans after informing the LPBW viewers that she chose home birth to welcome her fourth baby into the world. Audrey recently shared a beautiful picture of herself with her baby bump.

She wrote, “We’re getting closer to moving back into our home…so I’m finally starting actually to do some home birth prep.” She then asked her fellow mamas about the things they liked during their home birth experience. Moreover, she told her fans about posting their responses in Instagram stories. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for more tea on Audrey and Jeremy and more LPBW news.

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