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Kimberly Shocks Cast by Calling Jenny This Offensive Name

Kimberly took things to the next level on Monday’s tell-all special, causing Jenny to want to physically fight.
Kimberly wasn’t holding anything back when it came to confronting her critics on part one of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s tell-all special that aired on Monday on TLC. Kimberly was in New York City to film the tell-all in person while her husband, TJ, participated in India remotely. During the taping, she got into an explosive argument with fellow cast member Jenny, who also participated remotely from India.

Kimberly faced criticism from viewers this season due to her hot temper and unwillingness to adapt to Indian culture. Her fellow cast members said she was unappreciative of TJ’s efforts into fixing their apartment and that the way she talked to him was wrong. Jenny, who famously moved to India to be with her now husband, Sumit, was asked her two cents about the situation and clearly had no empathy for Kimberly. Jenny said Kimberly was disrespectful to India and that she should stay out of the country.

“First of all, Kimberly to me seemed very unappreciative of everything,” Jenny said. “What she got was amazing to me and she appreciated nothing. Her saying ‘I hate India,’ it broke my heart. Like, that broke my heart. I can’t believe she said that.”

“First of all, respect India,” she heatedly continued. “Respect India or don’t be here.”

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Kimberly told Jenny that her opinion didn’t matter to her whatsoever. She continued to laugh as Jenny got more upset.

“You can laugh all you want, but you know what? You are a very entitled little spoiled brat is what you are,” Jenny said.

Kimberly retaliated by taking things to the next level and calling Jenny a “c**t.” At this point, her fellow castmates were shocked. Jenny asked Kim to “come to Jaipur” where she was.

“Come on, baby,” Kimberly retorted, not backing down. “I’ll give you my address.”

When Armando said Kimberly was being disrespectful, she felt zero remorse. As for TJ, he just laughed and said Kimberly could obviously speak for herself. Meanwhile, Daniele said Kimberly’s over-the-top response was a defense mechanism and that she always escalated every situation, which Kenny agreed with.

“I’m not sorry, no,” Kimberly said, noting she felt she wasn’t being disrespectful to India.

Later, embarrassing footage was shown of Kimberly screaming at TJ, but she said those types of fights were necessary in order for their marriage to grow.

“TJ and I, we’re still learning each other with the communication gaps we have, so I don’t think that we’re going to learn unless we have these bumps in the road,” she said.

Kimberly admitted calling TJ a “t**ty baby” and telling him he needed to “get off his mom’s teat.” She then revealed that after intense arguments, TJ would go downstairs and not talk to her for days, one fight resulting in him not seeing her for 72 hours. Shekinah said that she didn’t blame TJ because of the way Kimberly acted.

“So right now, if I could do it over again, I would do things differently,” Kimberly finally acknowledged. “But I like that I was able to learn from saying those things the way I said them.”

Still, Kimberly didn’t take Jenny’s parting words to heart, making a face when Jenny said she needed to lose her attitude because it was out of control. Later, when Kenny asked Kimberly backstage if she regretted calling Jenny a “c**t” because it was too harsh, she again said that she wasn’t remorseful at all. Shekinah jumped in and criticized her.

“Yeah, just a little more humility would go so far,” Shekinah told her. “I think that Kim really needs to have more respect for people in general, not just Jenny, but her husband, his family. I think she’s rude. … She’s showing us a side of her and the reaction she’s getting she deserves.”

Not surprisingly, Kimberly also had harsh words for Shekinah.

“I feel like Shekinah can go f**k herself,” she told cameras. “She has something negative to say about everybody’s relationship, but also doesn’t want to look at hers.”

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