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Kenny prioritized his own happiness over his family, leaving them behind to be with Armando.

90 Day Fiancé star Kenny might be a fan favorite for his wholesome storyline with Armando, but he's done some nasty things that went unnoticed.


  •  Kenny’s age difference with Armando is significant and cannot be ignored, even though he appears youthful.
  •  Kenny prioritized his own happiness over his family, leaving them behind to be with Armando.
  •  Kenny pressured Armando to come out to his family, despite not fully understanding the cultural implications and risks involved.

Kenny and Armando became the first gay male couple in the franchise after starring in The Other Way. They faced challenges along the way and getting married was not an easy task for the two. But Kenny and Armando’s wedding in 2021 was a sight to behold and perhaps one of the most beautiful ceremonies that fans have witnessed in 90 Day Fiancé. Still, there is something about the way that Kenny treats Armando in the relationship that may have gone unnoticed. Is Kenny really a wolf in sheep’s clothing – a master manipulator who is an expert at swaying Armando’s emotions to get him to act a certain way?

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8Kenny & Armando’s Problematic Age Difference

Kenny & Armando Have A 30-year Gap

Kenny is 60 years old, while Armando is 34 years old. Kenny and Armando have often discussed their age gap when they talked about having a baby together. They have an age difference of 26 years between them. It is almost the same as the age difference between Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh. Viewers seemed to have a problem with Jenny and Sumit’s age gap, but not with Kenny and Armando’s. Kenny could have gotten away with his age because of his youthful looks. However, the large gap between them cannot be ignored. Armando is almost the same age as Kenny’s kids, but Kenny carrying himself in a youthful way helps him.

7Kenny Left His Family Behind For His Young Lover

Kenny Moved To Mexico City For Armando

Armando smiling & Kenny looking serious, from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Kenny is a proud father to four adult children. He has triplet daughters, Madison, Cassidy, and Taylor, and one son, Bricen. Kenny raised the kids singlehandedly but chose to leave his family behind in a heartbeat when he decided to marry Armando. Kenny moving to Mexico meant he would be missing major milestones in his kids’ lives and not spend enough time with his grandchildren. While he was aware of what he’d lost and was constantly reminded of the things he was missing, Kenny acted selfishly when he left because he chose a life of retirement and bliss over his family.

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6Kenny Pressured Armando Into Coming Out To His Family

Kenny Was Extremely Pushy

90 Day Fiancé star Armando had previously come out to his family but was pushed back into the closet when they rejected his sexual orientation. Armando hadn’t told his parents that he was planning to marry a man when Kenny was moving to Mexico. They didn’t even know that Kenny was on his way to Armando’s home country to be with him. Kenny claimed the idea of them not knowing that he existed was a “little nerve-wracking” and that he was intimidated by it. Kenny claimed that he was scared. However, Kenny also kept pushing his nervous fiancé to come out to his parents.

He kept assuring Armando that his family would eventually come around and support him in the end. Kenny’s parents had accepted him for who he was years ago. Kenny did not have to face the same kind of situation that Armando had to deal with, especially after the fact that he had been previously married to a woman and even had a daughter from the marriage. Armando was worried about the homophobia that still persisted in some parts of Mexico and how he was required to be a “man” while growing up. Kenny failed to understand Armando’s culture. He acted pushy and childish while being extremely self-centered, which appeared bothersome to viewers.

5Kenny Didn’t Bother Leaning Spanish

Kenny Had No Excuses Not To Learn A New Language

Kenny made rude comments about the local food and got annoyed when Armando didn’t let him hold his hand in public. He thought Armando wasn’t accepting of his sexuality when he refused to be on the same page as him in terms of being out and proud, even though Armando was still adjusting to his new identity. Moreover, Kenny didn’t even bother learning the language that his fiancé and his daughter spoke, which could have made communication easier for him in the country. Kenny seemed arrogant to not even try and learn Spanish. There was no excuse for Kenny to not know even a few phrases, but he wasn’t bothered by it.

Armando Didn’t Feel Safe In Mexico City

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio on 90 Day Fiancé, sitting next to each other on the couch

Kenny complained about having to live in his husband’s small town. He was unhappy with the closest grocery shop being more than 30 minutes away. Kenny kept telling Armando that there was so much more to do and so many more things to see in Mexico City, even though Armando kept refusing to move. “Small town boy” Armando knew that Mexico City would be dangerous. He spoke about people getting hurt and constantly robbed and added, “But you know, no matter what I tell Kenny, no matter the risks, he doesn’t seem to care about that.” During the Tell All, Armando mentioned someone was murdered close to a place they frequented.

It was natural for Armando to be worried, since he was also the father of a little girl. He wanted to keep his daughter, who had lost her mother, near her family. However, Kenny had manipulated Armando into leaving his hometown behind. He convinced Armando to move by telling him about how accessible surrogacy clinics were in Mexico City. He knew how badly Armando wanted a baby and used his weak point to get Armando to do what he wanted.

Is Kenny Really All Natural?

Kenny Niedermeier looking shady from 90 Day Fiancé

Kenny has always looked radiant on screen. Sometimes, he appears to be the same age as his partner who’s almost 30 years younger than him. Fans have often asked Kenny to share his skincare secrets with them. Kenny has maintained that he follows a strict morning and evening skincare regimen and takes collagen supplements to maintain his youthful looks. However, Kenny also claims that he’s never gotten any Botox or such cosmetic procedures done. While it’s easy to see that Kenny takes great care of his skin and overall health, it is a bit hard for some viewers to digest that there’s no Botox involved in his routine.

2Kenny Is Making Up Excuses To Not Have A Baby

Kenny Can’t Give Armando The One Thing He Wishes For

Kenny and Armando have debated over whether or not they want to have kids since 90 Day Fiancé spinoff’s season 4. Armando wanted to have more kids, while Kenny kept insisting he was too old. Kenny claimed that he wondered if he was the right person for Armando because of his inability to make him happy with a baby. Kenny finally agreed to use surrogacy as an option and the couple even zeroed in on a surrogate in season 5. According to Kenny, the woman ghosted them, and they had to start the process all over again.

He revealed the process had cost him $74,000, which he could have said to dissuade Armando from trying again. The process was put on hold, but they did have seven viable embryos ready for their next surrogate. However, Kenny argued with Armando over the number of embryos they were they were going to implant at once. Armando was hoping they’d implant two, but Kenny again was taking charge of the decision-making process by declaring he’d already had triplets and wasn’t sure he was ready to have another set of multiples should both embryos take.

1Kenny Lets Tim Malcolm Call Him Daddy

Tim Malcolm Is Interfering In Their Life

Tim Malcolm from 90 Day Fiancé in silver suit smiling and behind him are photos of Tim with Veronica Rodriguez and his ex girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona with her new BF Jesse Messter

Kenny also revealed that there was a 90 Day Fiancé cast member who talked him out of the surrogacy process. It was none other than Tim Malcolm who had been very pally with Kenny since the time Kenny debuted on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Armando used the Tell All platform to confront Tim about why he addressed his husband as “Daddy.” Armando asked Tim, “Are you sure nothing has gone down in New York when you’re there with them?” Kenny laughed the question off by saying nothing was going on between him and Tim. He answered on Armando’s behalf when he said, “[Armando] knows it’s all in fun.”

Kenny said Tim gets a lot of negativity online about his orientation, but Tim is comfortable in his own skin to play around “like that and stuff.” Kenny claimed his 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way partner was not bothered by it, even though Armando had brought up the incident on the public platform. Tim further fueled the flames by saying, “Well, I mean, he has been in my room quite a lot.” In the end, Armando said he wasn’t worried, but the way Tim involved him in Armando and Kenny’s personal matters was unwarranted and Kenny was seemingly encouraging him.

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