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Emily Bieberly’s mom under fire for ‘disrespecting’ Kobe’s traditions: ‘So damn ignorant’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers aren’t happy with Emily Bieberly’s mom.

On Sunday night, Emily’s parents, Lisa and David Bieberly, expressed concerns about Kobe Blaise‘s Cameroonian traditions.

Ahead of their wedding in Africa, Emily and Kobe explained to Lisa and David what was required of them to honor his culture.

The “knock door” ceremony happens before the wedding ceremony when Kobe’s family presents gifts to Emily’s family.

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Part of the “knock door” tradition is the “bride price,” which didn’t sit well with Emily’s parents, particularly Lisa.

David understood that it didn’t mean Kobe’s family was “buying” Emily, acknowledging that it was simply a sign of appreciation from the groom’s family.

However, Lisa saw things differently.

Emily Bieberly’s mom Lisa says Kobe’s tradition feels like she’s ‘taking money for’ her daughter
“Well, either way, it feels like we’re taking money for a person. That’s what it feels like,” Lisa told Kobe during Sunday’s episode.

Then, during a solo confessional, Lisa told TLC’s producers, “I feel like no one has my back on this. I feel like people think I’m ridiculous for not getting it.”

“I get it that it’s his tradition; it’s not my tradition,” Lisa admitted.

Emily’s parents’ stance, particularly Lisa’s statements, didn’t sit well with 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers. They felt Lisa needed to be more lenient and adapt to Kobe’s traditions – like how he has adapted to American traditions since moving to Kansas.

Her critics took aim at her on X (formerly Twitter) following the episode.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers aren’t happy with Emily’s mom

One of Lisa’s critics expressed, “Um… Emily’s mom since Kobe has moved to the US and lives in your home, hasn’t he had to adapt to your traditions? Y’all are in Cameroon for what two weeks? Ten days? SMDH”

“Kobe respected their traditions. Why can’t Emily’s mom respect his??” queried @90DayCray.

Another complainer called Emily’s mom “ignorant af,” adding, “Girl just accept the tradition out of respect please.”

One 90 Day Fiance fan noted how they “love” Kobe because he just rolls with his “goofy [a**] in laws,” calling David and Lisa “so damn ignorant.”

Emily and Kobe showcased improved communication this season on Happily Ever After?

Emily and Kobe’s trip to Cameroon with her family hasn’t exactly been all butterflies and rainbows.

Emily clashed with Kobe’s friends, who weren’t fond of her “bossy” nature (a stark contrast to traditional Cameroonian wives’ roles).

But despite the argument, Emily and Kobe showed us just how much their relationship has grown.

Emily opted to excuse herself rather than continue arguing with Kobe’s friends. Emily and Kobe talked maturely about their differences and heard each other out rather than blow things out of proportion.

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