90 Day Fiance

Devin Hoofman and his journey to perfect happiness with Nick Ham. One of Devin Hoofman’s things to do is improve his weight. A strong girl

90 Day Fiancé star Devin Hoofman was called "Piggy" by her husband Nick Ham in season 10. Devin has lost over 25 pounds since she finished filming.


  •  Devin Hoofman, a 90 Day Fiancé star, has undergone a dramatic weight-loss transformation after filming season 10.
  •  Devin’s weight gain during filming caused her stress and anxiety, leading her to adopt healthier habits and shed the pounds.
  •  She has received positive messages and appreciation from her fans for her new figure and confidence.

Devin was the first white girl Nick had dated. He believed that Asian girls he knew were too skinny and he preferred Devin, who was fit because she was a soccer player. However, Nick made some problematic comments about Devin on camera after revealing his nickname for her was Piggy. Nick said he called Devin Piggy because she was a little chubby. He thought that he was using it as a term of endearment, and it was cute. Nick made a big mistake by calling Devin chubby in front of her parents in America. He showed no regrets when Devin’s dad confronted him about it. He believed Devin had now gotten used to it.

Devin Looks Tiny On Halloween

However, Nick’s comments could have pushed Devin to lose weight. Devin first revealed the results of her weight loss on Halloween 2023 by sharing a photo in which she was dressed as Avril Lavigne. Devin looked very different from what she looked like on screen. “He was a sk8r boy….” She wrote in her caption referring to her costume. It was on Halloween day that Devin explained how she had piled on weight during filming. She had put on a lot of weight from binge eating and drinking. Devin was under a lot of stress and was trying to cope with the anxiety of shooting 90 Day Fiancé.

Devin Thanks Her 90 Day Fiancé Fans

If the photo of her channeling Avril Lavigne wasn’t enough proof of her weight loss, Devin posted a video to show her new figure next. Devin lipsynced to the audio of Cardi B thanking her haters at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018. She wore a printed crop top with a leather jacket and hoodie combo with a pair of low-waist jeans and accessorized her look with a beanie. Devin wrote that she was “Appreciating the nice messages I’ve been receiving lately!” and added, “We’re all having fun lol.

On November 29, 2023, Devin visited the Color Factory in Chicago. It is an interactive journey through 14 immersive art exhibits and has several colorful experiences inside, such as a 2600 square feet ball pit, a theater made just for mouths, and a color horoscope designed by astrologer Michele Bernhardt based on colorstrology. Devin posed in multiple color exhibits and interacted with them playfully. Devin wore layers upon layers of warm clothes to beat the chilly weather, but it didn’t hide her new fit physique Devin had worked so hard to achieve.

Devin Looks Completely Different In Recent TikTok

Recently, Devin shared a TikTok video where she showcased multiple outfits she wanted to wear on 90 Day Fiancé. Devin wrote that she could have worn these outfits if she had “more confidence and less wardrobe restrcition.” Devin told a fan in the comments that the restrictions “mostly has to do with camera visuals and logos.” A fan told Devin, “You look much more skinny. I hope you are happy but I’m a bit worried, remember it’s OK to eat food lol,” in the comments. Devin did not reply to them. However, Devin had previously confirmed that she’s lost over 25 to 30 pounds since she got done filming.

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