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Citra gives a health update about Sam after he was rushed to the hospital

90 Day Fiancé season 10 couple Sam and Citra were adored by fans for their genuine relationship. Some viewers hoped to see them on the new season of Happily Ever After, but Sam and Citra declined the invitation. They were and are still expecting their first child and wanted to avoid any unnecessary stress that could potentially harm their marriage or their unborn child.

The good news is that Sam didn’t go to jail after his wedding. He was admitted to the diversion program on December 15, 2023, following an agreement between the prosecution and defense. According to the court decision viewed by In Touch Magazine, Sam knew and agreed that failing to complete any of the criteria would result in his prosecution being renewed. Sam’s diversion program is supposed to last 12 months.

Last month, Sam and Citra traveled to Indonesia to visit her family and attend their siblings’ wedding. In an unexpected twist, Sam’s brother started a relationship with Citra’s sister, and they quickly got engaged in the United States. Soon after, they had a traditional wedding in Indonesia before returning to the US with everyone else. However, this week, Citra noticed that her husband was feeling unwell, and she had to rush him to the hospital.


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According to Citra’s recent Instagram story, Sam suffered from a severe skin infection, but it’s unclear whether he got it from his last trip to Indonesia or the United States. Citra thanked their fans for their prayers and wrote as a caption, “Thank you for all the prayers, guys. Sam has a skin infection; hopefully he is going home tomorrow. I’m staying with him at the hospital tonight because I can’t sleep without him anyway.”.


Sam Wilson is indeed fortunate to have a devoted wife who deeply loves and cares for him. Her unwavering support is evident in her willingness to stay by his side in the hospital, ensuring his well-being throughout.

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