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Little People Big World featured the lives of Matt Roloff and his four kids when it began. Jeremy had left the Roloff property and LPBW a long time ago. However, things between them heated up between Matt Roloff and his kids during the family feud. All of his children have been keeping a distance from him since then.

Jeremy also left the LPBW series as he wanted to live a life away from stardom. Audrey and Jeremy have been flaunting their romantic journey on social media. They also often post new updates of their kids with their followers.

The latter has been busy doing some major renovations at his Hillsboro mansion of his own these days. Recently, some fans compared Jeremy to his dad as he followed in his footsteps. What is he up to?

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff Has Some Big Ideas Just Like His Dad!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff bought a new property worth $1.5 million in 2022. The ex LPBW couple made their dream purchase to settle down and start their own family. The home is spread across 4 acres as the couple wants to raise their kids and expose them to farm life.

Jeremy has been making some big changes in his fixer-upper home. The Little People Big World star keeps himself busy buying the materials to renovate their home. He often shares new updates of the same and also seeks suggestions from his followers.

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Recently, he informed his fans that the new walls of the home just been built. Jeremy went ahead to reveal that the walls were painted with primer and he covered the windows with drywall in their living room.

Little People Big World LPBW

Further, Jeremy said that he had a lot of projects under his belt apart from the renovation part. The former LPBW star added another post on his social media to talk about his plans to make a soccer field outside their home.

Jeremy revealed that he wants to dig out two and a half feet of dirt in between his shop and house for the field. He went ahead to explain about his plans of building a rock wall in his home. Now fans are comparing the celebrity with his dad, Matt Roloff.

The latter keeps himself busy with new projects at the Roloff property, too. Now, it appears that Jeremy has the same approach to keeping himself busy. But fans were glad to see this similar skill that Jeremy shares with his father.

LPBW: Audrey & Jeremy Took The Kids To Meet Grandpa Matt!

Audrey and Jeremy were the first ones to quit LPBW as a couple, and the farm feud also. The pair had a good relationship with Matt at first, but he denied them the land to carry on the legacy, and things turned sour, and they don’t interact too much anymore.

Jacob and his wife had been helping Matt throughout the months to prepare for the pumpkin season. A few months ago, fans got emotional after seeing Matt Roloff with Jeremy’s family. Audrey shared various pictures from her trip to the Roloff Farms.


Further, Audrey captured the moments between Matt and their kids at the event. Jeremy’s kids wore different costumes while meeting Matt Roloff. The couple took their kids to meet their grandpa and enjoy the Pumpkin festival.

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