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It seems like Joer Roloff had a bit of a rough start during the outing with his mom, Tori Roloff, and brother Jackson Roloff. The family attended an air show, and Joer appeared distressed when the first plane flew overhead. However, as the day went on, Joer seemed to overcome his fear and even began to enjoy the experience. Tori shared moments of Joer playing with a toy plane, reminiscent of his older brother Jackson’s love for airplanes.

Despite the initial fright, it’s heartwarming to see Joer warming up to the planes and displaying an interest in them, just like his brother. Fans of Little People Big World know that Jackson has a passion for planes and dreams of becoming a pilot one day. It’s lovely to see Joer potentially sharing that same enthusiasm.

Tori Roloff shared glimpses of their outing on her Instagram Story, capturing Joer’s journey from fear to excitement. While the cold weather may have been a factor, it’s evident that Joer’s initial distress was primarily due to the noise of the planes. However, as he became more familiar with them, he seemed to embrace the experience.

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It’s touching to see the Roloff family enjoying time together despite the challenges, such as adjusting to their new home in Washington and being away from Matt Roloff’s farm. Moments like these create lasting memories for the family and allow fans to witness the growth and development of the Roloff children.

Overall, it’s delightful to see Joer overcoming his initial fear and embracing his brother’s passion for planes. As he continues to grow, it will be exciting to see how his interests evolve and how the Roloff family continues to support and nurture their children’s passions.

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