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Are 90 Day Fiance newbies Ashley and Manuel expecting a baby? Here’s what we know

Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez Rojas sparked rumors that they’ve got a little one on the way.

The couple was introduced to 90 Day Fiance viewers this season, and their storyline has captured our attention.

American native Ashley, 31, met Manuel, 34, during a trip to his native country, Ecuador, where she traveled to study marine biology.

The duo hit it off instantly and got engaged after just one week together. However, their engagement was short-lived after Ashley realized their long-distance love was no bueno.

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But, after a decade apart, Manuel reached out to Ashley while she was navigating a breakup.

Ashley traveled to Ecuador again, and they reconciled and got engaged for the second time.

This season, we’ve learned that Manuel, a Catholic, and a father of two teenagers, isn’t happy that Ashley is a witch. Ashley also has doubts about marrying Manuel due to his elusive nature about his family back in Ecuador.

Ashley’s red carpet pose has 90 Day Fiance viewers scratching their heads

Despite their relationship obstacles, Ashley and Manuel might be starting a family.

A recently surfaced photo on Reddit shows Manuel and Ashley posing on the black carpet for 90 Day Fiance’s 10-year anniversary party.

In the pic, Manuel and Ashley were dressed to the nines, with Manuel donning a black suit, a white shirt, and brown leather dress shoes and Ashley rocking a glittery gold dress with a plunging V-neckline.

The couple put their arms around each other as they posed for photographers, but one detail caught the eye of a curious 90 Day Fiance fan: Ashley strategically placed one hand over her mid-section.

Redditors headed to the comments section to discern whether Ashley and Manuel might be parents-to-be, and those who surmised are expecting a child weren’t exactly supportive of them potentially bringing a child into the world.

“Well, the only thing they can agree on is that they only relate through sex. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s pregnant,” penned one critic. “I weep for these children when they are old enough to use the internet or watch tv.”

redditors discuss whether ashley and manuel are expecting a child
90 Day Fiance viewers on Reddit discuss whether Ashley and Manuel might be parents-to-be. Pic credit: u/Majestic_Internet_37/Reddit

Another 90 Day Fiance viewer revealed they wouldn’t support Ashley having a baby with Manuel.

“You have GOT to be stupid to get pregnant by this guy!” they wrote. “Holy Hell, he’s a walking red flag!”

Mentioning Ashley and Manuel’s seemingly healthy sex life, another Redditor chimed in, “She has been a gleeful participant, making sure we know about their vibrant sex life, so if she’s preggo she’s half accountable too. She knows what she’s doing.”

Ashley has been transparent about her and Manuel’s sex life

Although Ashley and Manuel have faced plenty of issues in their relationship, if there is one thing we’ve learned about them, it’s that their sex life is not struggling.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ashley has gotten Manuel to accept her witchy ways in the bedroom and admitted they’ve “dabbled in sex magic.”

“Oh, it looks like a number of different things… a little bit of sigil work, little bit of mantra work,” Ashley said of their enchanting romps.

“You put it underneath the bed or the pillow, you get after it,” Ashley continued, adding, “[Works] every single time.”

Whether or not Ashley is sporting a baby bump remains to be seen. It could be that she’s keeping the news under wraps or that 90 Day Fiance viewers look too much into an innocent hand placement in a photo.

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