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90 Day Fiancé’s Thaís Ramone’s life has undergone several major changes. She has a new career, a new spin-off, is a new mom, and looks different.


  •  Thaís Ramone from 90 Day Fiancé launches her own business, Thaís Ramone Brazilian Swimwear, offering handmade swimwear from Brazil and a hair oil for all hair types.
  •  Thaís is making a comeback to 90 Day Fiancé, joining the cast of 90 Day Diaries season 5 alongside her husband Patrick.
  •  Thaís showcases her impressive 38-pound weight loss journey after giving birth, sharing her before and after transformation and expressing her happiness with the results.

Thaís butted heads with Patrick’s brother, John McManus, who lived with them. Thaís still didn’t trust Patrick and was tracking his location. Meanwhile, Patrick refused to share details of his finances with Thaís, and on the other hand, Thaís had not told her father that she’d come to the U.S. to get married. The couple ultimately resolved their issues to have a fairytale wedding in Florida, and revealed they were expecting a baby during the Tell All. Patrick and Thaís welcomed a baby daughter, Aleesi Ramone Mendez, in November 2022.

Thaís Launches New Business In America

Thaís Ramone from 90 Day Fiancé in a nude photoshoot while pregnant with baby Aleesi

Thaís Is Coming Back To 90 Day Fiancé

Thaís has not been seen on any 90 Day Fiancé spin-off since season 9. However, she is coming back soon to TV screens. When asked if she could provide fans with any details about a possible comeback, during an interview with Monsters&Critics, Thaís replied, “Yes maybe, I can’t say more.” As it happens, Thaís has been announced as one of the cast members for 90 Day Diaries season 5. Thaís will star alongside Patrick in the spin-off which premieres on Monday, January 8, 2024. In Diaries, the cast members film themselves in their day-to-day lives as they navigate new challenges in their relationships and experience major life milestones.

Thaís has been on a fitness journey since she welcomed her baby in November 2022. She has been working hard to regain her pre-pregnancy model body. Thaís’ hard work is starting to show its results within a year. In November 2023, Thaís posted a video showing her before and after a dramatic weight loss. Thaís revealed she lost 38 pounds in one year and that she was “happy with the change and my effort so far.” The 90 Day Fiancé star revealed she had high blood pressure after pregnancy, and she wanted to change that by taking the baby weight off.

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