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90 Day Fiance Star Faces D.r.u.g Charges, On His Way To Prison?

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance introduced Sam and Citra in its recent episodes. Audiences got to know the couple and their relationship arc. Sam previously had an addiction, but he is now clean. He had kept this addiction a secret from Citra.

Citra had accepted Sam when he had told her about his addiction and his past. And Sam had been staying away from drugs for a long while now. The 90 Day Fiance star was using Suboxone to help with his addiction. As Sam explained, Suboxone “keeps you from getting sick, (and) going through withdrawals”.

However, there is one crucial detail about Suboxone. It is “kind of an opiate”. And this is exactly what got Sam into trouble. The star explained the situation. He had been on “a business trip with a co-worker.” Sam had some Suboxone with him. However, the ‘drug’ “wasn’t in a prescription bottle.” And so when the cops pulled them over and found Sam’s Suboxone, they “arrested” the star.

90 Day Fiance

But that wasn’t exactly why this was a ‘big legal’ trouble. Sam had taken the Judge’s offer of doing a diversion program to escape imprisonment. Basically, he had to “take tests” that prove he was clean. Sam also had to “take drug classes.” And as long as the star followed all these rules, he wouldn’t have to go to jail.

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However, he had “missed the deadline to file the application.” And a missed deadline might mean prison. Sam hasn’t told Citra about the incident. He wants to “wait until Citra” arrives in the US. The 90 Day Fiance star was worried about how the Indonesian native might react. He had doubts that “she might not even come.”

The US native’s fears came true. When Sam revealed the incident to Citra, she expressed her feelings in a confessional. The star talked about feeling confused and wanting “to go back to Indonesia.” And after seeing the tease, fans really want to know how the two will work things out now.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Speaks About His “Irish” Jaw

When fans first saw Sam, they had much to say about his jaw. Basically, they were confused about why he looked like it. And then they learned about his addiction and quickly started speculating. Some 90 Day Fiance fans said doing meth in the “developing years” could “degrade” the “bones.” But Sam promptly cleared the doubts stating he didn’t do “meth.”

Sam also posted some throwback family photos and added a long caption. In the captions, he explained his not-so-good “upbringing.” And although Sam appreciated his “parents,” some things still “got neglected.” He was talking about his jaw. Sam also explained how it was from his “dad’s side” of the family

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