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90 Day Fiance: Sophie’s Wig Is EXPENSIVE, You Won’t Be Able To Guess The Price!

Sophie is the new face in 90 Day Fiance season 10. The star is from England. She met her love, Rob, on Instagram. As the season progressed, fans learned much about the star. But they were really surprised when they learned that Sophie wore a wig. This further escalated when Sophie revealed that she wasn’t actually a blonde.

So now, fans have lots of questions, and almost all of them are about the wide. Sophie got so annoyed by the comments that she finally decided to answer. And the wig price blew the fans’ minds.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Reveals The Mindblowing ‘Price’ Of Her Wig

90 Day Fiance fans had criticised a lot of things about Sophie. They criticized the choice of her boyfriend, and rightfully so. Rob was a big red flag. And as the season went on, even Sophie showed her true colors. But she surprised the fans with one big detail. The star wore a wig.

Most of the fans hated the wig. They did not like how bad it looked on screen. So, fans posted many comments about the wig on Sophie’s social media. The star may have been very annoyed because she decided to ‘answer’ some things. Sophie posted an Instagram story about her wig.

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90 Day Fiance

The TLC star had posted a story on her Instagram this week. In the story, she talked about her wig and the “dumba** comments” about it. The star clarified that it wasn’t “a cheap wig.” However, when fans read the next statement, they could not believe it. Sophie revealed that “it was (a) $1000” wig “from a Quality hair store in London.”

Sophie also agreed that it didn’t look good on the show. But then she explained that she “didn’t know anything about wigs” back then. However, she assured the audience that it “Wasn’t a cheap or synthetic one.” 90 Day Fiance star Sophie’s wig is called “The GISELLE.” It is a “blonde glueless” wig. Not only fans but also Sophie’s mom hated the wig. She had posted a video of her mom making “fun” of her wig in one of her stories.

90 Day Fiance: Star Sophie’s Real Hair Is Curly & Dark!

When Sophie was filming 90 Day Fiance, she was 23 years old. This was two years back, and now the star has greatly changed. She recently put up an Instagram story with curly hair explaining that she wore a “wig” on the show. The star explained that her hair had suffered damage. But now they were super healthy.

Sophie had also told the fans that she occasionally “straighten(s) her hair” now. The star also posted a collage of her favorite selfies. Sophie revealed that she liked her “curly hair” now. She also went on to say that she was thankful for the wig. Sophie wrote that the wig “was worth it”.

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