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90 Day Fiancé: Scott Wern Gives Troubling Update About His Status In The Franchise

Scott Wern, best remembered for dating Pedro's mother Lidia, and recently sparking dating rumors with Angela, is revealing his future on 90 Day Fiancé

  •  Scott Wern declares he’s done with 90 Day Fiancé in a dramatic Instagram post, cutting ties with the franchise and its producers.
  •  Wern tells viewers not to share his content, stating he’s not desperate for followers and doesn’t want to be used as clickbait.
  •  After a tumultuous journey with Lidia on the show, Scott has distanced himself from cast members and warned them to unfollow him.

Scott Wern is revealing whether he is returning to 90 Day Fiancé after his last on-screen stint with Lidia Morel. Scott from Florida gained fame for dating Pedro Jimeno’s mother Lidia on 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise. Scott and Lidia are no longer together, but he keeps making headlines for his controversial decisions. Scott has become a 90 Day Fiancé villain since he broke up with Lidia to go back to his much younger ex. The self-proclaimed bad boy of 90 Day Fiancé now has some shocking news for the viewers.

90 Day Fiancé star Scott Wern doesn’t wish to be associated with the reality TV franchise anymore.

Scott put up a troubling Instagram post where he wrote, “I am no longer affiliated with 90 day or Sharp.”

Scott asked the show’s viewers not to share his content “in your groups” and added that they could get “clickbait” elsewhere. Scott wrote that he is not desperate and doesn’t wish to grow his followers. He mentioned that he doesn’t want to be used as clickbait and wants no association with the franchise. Meanwhile, Scott told his “real followers” that he loved them but had a strong message for his fellow cast members.

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Scott’s Dramatic 90 Day Fiancé History Explained

How Did Scott’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey Begin?

Scott told his co-stars that he wouldn’t mind if they chose to unfollow him but would “respect” their decision. Scott informed his followers that they should DM him, and his “team Scotty” would get “creative” to get the content removed the “easy way or the hard way.” No 90 Day Fiancé cast members were seen in Scott’s comments section except 90 Day Fiancé newcomer Kyle Gordy. Kyle stars in 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise season 4 and is a sperm donor and has fathered 71 children. Scott also started his journey with the same spin-off’s season 3.

Scott was introduced to Lidia through her daughter Nicole Jimena’s ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. Scott and Lidia dated for a year before he flew to the Dominican Republic to meet her in person. However, Scott spoke no Spanish and Lidia knew little English, creating a communication gap between them. Not being able to handle the pressure, Scott brought in a producer to translate so he could break up with Lidia. Scott chose to meet his ex-girlfriend Liz, who happened to be in town, but when Liza saw him moving too fast in the relationship, she broke up with Scott.

Scott went back to Lidia after Liz turned him down and even featured in The Family Chantel season 5. It proved to be Scott’s last appearance in the franchise, after which he was spotted flirting with various 90 Day Fiancé female stars such as Karine Staehle, Debbie Aguero, and Tiffany Franco. Scott was linked to Amanda Wilhelm, but she later revealed she was dating someone else. Scott was recently spotted hanging out with Angela Deem and her daughters Scottie and Skyla. Fans suspected Angela and Scott were together since Angela is newly single after her split with Michael Ilesanmi.

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