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90 Day Fiancé: Sam Wilson’s Family Gets Upset After Discovering Shocking Citra Revelation (SPOILERS)

90 Day Fiancé's Sam has not told his family about Citra's dad being a police officer. They also don't know a big secret about his marriage to Citra.

  • 90 Day Fiancé star Sam Wilson shocks his family with an update about his upcoming marriage to Citra.
  •  Sam reveals that he will convert to Islam before marrying Citra, causing concern for his Christian family, who struggles to accept his decision.
  •  Sam’s lack of knowledge about Islam and his assumption that Citra will teach him everything raises questions about his commitment and understanding of the religion.

90 Day Fiancé star Sam Wilson shocked his family with a life-changing revelation about his upcoming marriage to Citra. Sam is a 30-year-old man starring on 90 Day Fiancé with his 26-year-old Indonesian partner Citra. Sam, who is from Missouri, used a dating app that helped him connect with Citra, who is from West Java. Bored at work, Citra used the dating app to find friends and came across Sam with his “baby face.” She messaged Sam to ask him about his youthful appearance, and the two started chatting regularly. Two years later, Sam flew to Bogor where he proposed to Citra.

After three years of dating, Citra is coming to the U.S. on a K-1 visa to marry Sam, but as revealed by a 90 Day Fiancé season 10 preview clip from E! News, she has a shocking condition.

The 90 Day Fiancé season 10, episode 10, shows Sam with his family members as his brother hosts a barbeque for his parents. Sam complains that his family didn’t think his relationship with Citra was “real.” When Sam’s mom, Dee Dee, asks him if Citra is excited about coming to America, Sam tells them that Citra’s dad is a police officer whose leave request was approved, so he will be joining Citra in a few days along with her two sisters. Sam’s family is not aware that Citra’s dad is a cop. “When her dad gets here, me and him will be going to a mosque for me to convert,” Sam tells his family.

Sam & Citra’s 90 Day Fiancé Relationship Explained

Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Sam & Citra kissing

What are you talking about?” Sam’s confused dad asks. Meanwhile, Sam’s mother wants to know what Sam feels like about converting to Citra’s religion just because he wants to marry her. “Well, it’s not like she’s forcing me,” replies Sam. Dee Dee is a religious Christian woman who tells the cameras that it’s hard for her to accept the fact that Sam is going to convert to Islam. “My faith and our faith is, you know, we love everybody and pretty much raised in a Christian home,” she adds. Sam’s mother thinks that one shouldn’t have to marry someone else’s religion “just to marry that person.”

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Dee Dee, who is unaware of Islamic traditions, asks Sam if Citra and her family celebrate Christmas. “Come on, Sam, now,” she prods her son, who replies, “No, I don’t think they do,” after a long pause. Sam is not sure, but he thinks there is “another holiday.” He adds, “I wanna say Yom Kippur, but you know I’m just making that up.” Seeing how little knowledge Sam has about the religion he’s converting to, his brother advises him to start learning about it. However, Sam claims he’s waiting for Citra to get there and continues, “So sorry, I’ve been busy.

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